Approaching Platinum Update (Fashionista Finally!)

Platinum Trophy draws ever closer!

Got Marksman today…easy peasy…Farmlands…night…8-16 thermal scoped PVG…spotted a group of doggos and seekers waaaaay off in the distance…kept backing off til I could barely see them…boom…393 metre kill shot on a Doggo.

Found an eyepatch in a car trunk by a seaside home in Fiskebsck…a friend mentioned that he and some folks he knows have had good luck finding eyepatches in places on the coasts…coasts…pirates…maybe there is something to it! Pirate trophy down…

All gnomes and blueprints collected…working on mixtapes and horses.

Fashionista sighs…excluding hair, makeup, and fashion pack stuff, I’m well over 250 cosmetics now…I’m basically only keeping cosmetics, heals, field radios, and flares from loot containers now…

Soooooo Close!

EDIT: And thank you all sooooo much for your kind assistance along the way! Hope I haven’t been “that annoying question guy”.


You have not my friend. Hopefully you get the platinum.

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As long as Fashionista eventually pops, I WILL get it.

Have you heard of anyone having it bugged recently, as opposed to months or a year ago?


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i think yeah. Not sure who though.

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It popped for me in literally the last backpack I opened before picking up my last Horse for Tourist trophy!

And it was a haircut cosmetic!

So they must count…?

Tomorrow I get all mixtapes and then it’s PLATINUM TIMe!



Gz So which platinum trophy is next ?

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Ghost of Tsushima, hopefully.



Congratulations on approaching Platinum and getting Fashionista! I love your drive and dedication, keep it up!

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With the Platinum trophy achieved, as seen in here: Platinum Achieved! , i’ll lock this topic.


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