April Update: PC Hotfix (Win7/8 Issues)



Please see below the changes in this hotfix to last-week’s April Update.

  • Runners, Hunters, Harvesters, and Tanks all had their loot tables adjusted to drop the proper loot again

  • Adrenaline Shots weren’t dropping appropriately if you already had some in your inventory, they will now have a small chance to always drop regardless

  • Made improvements for the Win 7 and Win 8 black screen at game startup issue, we will continue to monitor feedback to see if we got all cases

Console updates will be rolling out ASAP, we are unfortunately in an update period with partners/internally so we must wait just over a week to roll out hotfixes on these platforms

Frequent random crashes preventing progress
To be continued, maybe

Thanks for the update, it’s good to see things being improved.

Sadly I’m on XBox One so I guess I will have to continue to ignore the plague of .32 pistol ammo for a bit longer.


Didn’t know where to post my observations after this patch, so i’ll just reply to the hotfix.

I can confirm that all the robot drops are normal, I only came looking for these hotfix notes because I noticed a FNIX Tank dropped a 5 crown (gold) HP5 when I went to recover some .50BMG from it.

Adrenaline Shots are significantly better and are probably about where they need to be. I looted 3 different towns and a bunker and had an average of 1.8 shots per town. that works out to something around 1 shot per 60 or so loot containers. This feels great being rare enough to make every life feel important, but not so rare the game is less fun because i can’t take risks.

Overall thanks for the hotfix, it makes the game feel like I was hoping for when the large patch when live.


Danke für das Update es geht wieder alles und ein Großes Lob an Ganze Team


Update much better ticks dropping again


Thanks Graham for your livestream after April patch and to Dev team for quickly getting a Fix out ASAP , i know us Console players will have to wait a little longer but knowing it’s coming is great news . Thanks :sunglasses:


Was home for lunch from work and saw the update had dropped. Had to hop in quickly to see what the patch had done.

Confirming at least runners are dropping correct loot now. Ran the Uttern Bunker and managed to get 4 adrenaline shots even though I already had 15 in my inventory.

However, encountered a strange bug reported at the link below. Fast traveled to Uttern from another safe house. Had a runner IN the safe room waiting for me. I could hear it shooting at me while my black load screen was still up. As soon as I fully spawn in, I died. Never had this happen before.

Runners in safe room when you fast travel


Thanks for the hard work developers. I’m looking forward to these fixes on PS4.


GRAHAM could we get an ACKNOWLEDGED on the bunker Uttern ’ please , for those of us having issues , i have nothing left to do but interact with board , Bug Reports have been made , hey i know you All work hard the Devs and we the community have also worked hard to get this far with so many bugs So a big CHEER for the Players And DEVS , thanks :sunglasses:


Hey I’m on ps4 and there’s a difference between having adrenaline shots and resistances adjusted and just removing them because removing them is what you did there is a .5% chance cause I looted 100 houses and bunkers and only found one adrenaline shot and the resistance perk and extra health perks don’t work so dying is extremely easy to points were solo players can’t win you need to put some kind of armor in the game to balance it out or up the adrenaline shot drop rate
But this is my opinion


To be hounest i aint finding it that bad finding shots,im finding lots n lots of aid after all this game is definatley all about strategy in a team or not it just takes longer.PS4


On ps4 I don’t find it that bad. I still find quite a bit of adrenaline shots. However with this change I think it’s good because it insentivises skillful shooting and strategy when approaching places. Suddenly the medic perk is so much more important now that adrenaline shots drop less, and I’m planning out attacks rather than a run and gun. The resistance change though I think should have only been added once the full clothing modding system was implemented but at the same time i don’t think I’m dying much more because of it


Took the words rite outve my mouth and i beleive thats the way they wanted it perfect for myself not sure about others.It feels like survival!running knowing you got no shots left and a safehouse isnt for milles hahahhahaha.its just the clipping and the odd mission for myself.


The lack of resistance / protection from clothing is making some encounters pretty difficult. Now you can be mowed down by a couple of runners that you would easily have been able to fight off before. I do hope they bring that back soon. It just makes the clothing pointless (see what I did there? lol) without the stats attached.


Lmao hint hint.I like saying fix what is broken then add extra that way its goin forward not creating anymore possible bugs,atleast i hope how that works.


I’ve been a programmer for the last 28 years (not game related) and this has been my mantra. Fix what’s broken first, then add stuff / make changes. The more changes or additions you make, the more complexity and potential bugs you introduce.


Win 7/8 crashing may be fixed but now that I can load in my frame rates is terrible and I am getting massive lag, stutters, freezing. I even droped everything to low quality, and still horrendous.


Trying to not sound like an arse but is there an eta for the console patch? I’m excited to be able to weaponise ticks again.


i second this @CountHarken ! need my ticks back, and weapon drops too :sweat:


Sure they said about week after pc