Are all Swedish machines on summer vacation?

Or why the map is almost empty? We entered the world of GZ after two months, and…

All machines are gone (except for couple of Soviet tin cans).

FNIX is taking over control points. And?

Machines are playing some strange game - I see you → two meters to the right → I don’t see you. Invisible machines all over the place. Forrest, North coast, Farmlands

What is going on?

OK we will probably enjoy the summer couple of weeks more and hope the devs will sort out the mess they created.



Machines rendering in and out has been reported enough to where it should be known, but isnt, and is currently the consequence of control points. So its spread tp Farmlands from Forest region, North Coast can happen if close enough to a control point from either of the 2 other regions mentioned.

Heres the Link to the original thread covering the issue - Machines materialising in front of my very eyes!


Alright, so devs basically reproduced the issue we’ve seen in the Forest across the map?

I wonder if they even heard about QA process :-/

I mean, there were some people who could play beta releases and report bugs before it went to production, isn’t this relevant anymore?

I believe devs should really think about how to improve their release process… by working 15+ years in release management for diverse Swedish companies I know it’s definitely possible…


Supposedly they do, yet this update was definitely not at all launch ready.
And as long as we keep buying all their micropacks, they’ll never learn and they’ll keep making the free content buggy and obviously unfinished.

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