Are enemies supposed to teleport inside a building during combat?

So I’m fairly new to the game and while I’ve completed the story and dlc’s I’m unsure if enemies are supposed to be able to suddenly teleport inside a closed building or if it’s glitches? I was inside a concrete bunker fighting a harvester and it’s ummm friends when I suddenly was downed and when I hit an adrenaline, got up and was instantly downed again, this time by a Melee attack by a Hunter who had suddenly appeared behind me.

Is this supposed to happen? It’s like the flame thrower that disregards physical barriers and hits you from really significant distances. It makes no sense to me that a solid wall is no barrier at all to being scorched to death. There are a number of other similar things that made me wonder if the sudden appearance of enemies inside a closed building is a glitch or is intended.

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