Machines teleporting into buildings

The robots are able to walk through walls again. I have found runners and hunter in the house i was fighting from.

I’m playing on ps4


Same here on Xbox One X. They are suddenly appearing behind you and I’ve got no clue how they get there. All doors were closed.

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Ditto. (xbox1). When they pop in I can usually hear a motor sound then run like hell to the next room. Oh well. BRING IT ON!

Same here. Both harvesters and runners seem to be able to jump and come through the walls. Sometimes, if they are standing just outside the wall, if I look away for a moment, when I look back they are inside the barn or room. When fighting from a house, I make sure that all doors are completely closed, then fight from upstairs (balcony or window). I have had harvesters, runners and seekers end up downstairs in the living room.

I thought this was taken care of a long time ago. I haven’t played in many months and came back to find this is still an issue.


Well stop thinking of it as an issue, and think of it as a feature. Oh, and drop mines at the top of the stairs…


I think the idea was there… that Ticks and runners could go inside houses. This is evident from the very first house you find once you start the game.

What I’d love to see in the future is an animation or AI to finally be able to walk inside a door or knock it down to actually shatter that sense of security, but as is, they only teleport inside in a moment of you not looking and there being enough room.

Many might’ve not seen attempts, but when you have an object, like a door, with small room for a robot to squeeze through, it has to re-calculate it’s own path and do so many checks just to see if the door is open and enterable. It then shows really wonky AI behavior and breaks any idea about the enemy AI being intelligent. Even if the AI did manage to accurately walk through a small opening, slowly… You open and close a door in front of it and it will just keep trying to think what it’s supposed to do, breaking it’s behavior once again… It’d be really cool work if it was made seamless of their entry.

I don’t think this is a bug, I think the intent is for you to not get too comfortable abusing this machine capability from the safety of a home. Waiting for the day when Hunters get animations for leaning in and slowly get inside your cozy home… But so far, they can only just smoke you out.

I totally disagree. Physics is physics. Machines cannot walk through walls. If a door is closed and remains closed, they cannot come through without opening it. Hunters are so tall, I can see bits of their heads sticking up through the floor upstairs. I call BS. This needs to be fixed. It is a bug.

In this case, it was a warehouse and every kind of machine just walked through the walls to get me. I was hiding and popping in and out of a container on the back of a truck. Eventually, I killed them all but had to spend all of my ammo and explosives (which I did not get back), so I couldn’t continue my mission.

I understand ticks, and maybe dogs being inside when I get there. But they should not be able to get inside a closed building.


I’ve also seen runners, seekers and hunters that were initially outside suddenly appearing inside the house with doors closed.

One of the latest was in Östervik, during my gnometick hunt where i took cover inside the house and 3x runners were outside. Did take one of them out through the window and when i was moving into another room to look out for other two runners, i met this cute puppy in the hallway:

Managed to close the door before it aggrod and started shooting. Btw, the closed door just behind it is the main and only entrance to this house.

And there we stood, facing truth with each other for some time. I took the opportunity to make some good screenshots out of it.

Runner close-ups

I also think that with all doors closed, machines should not magically spawn inside the house just because i’m there and they can’t shoot me through the walls, despite them seeing me through the walls.


They shouldn’t, yet I still feel like they eventually should get animations for it. I hope the action against this event is to actually do the work and add animations, rather than remove them from entering houses.

The game suggests that ticks and runners entered houses the first time they attacked and to have them be removed from entering a house… it makes the whole game just hiding in a house.
Even if it’s easier on the person, that even might object to this, they will get tired of the game quicker.

People, the very first building you ever came across had a dead runner in it. That should have given you a clue that although you can put the cat out, you may not be able to keep it out…


Is this a change? Why are Runners suddenly spawning in droves inside houses? I’ve seen posts that suggest this would make the game more ‘thrilling.’ I hope this isn’t the case. I like being able to count on some safe places, especially when I’m playing alone. Also, do RPG Runners have empty loot menus on purpose?

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Take this scenario for example
I’m running away from about 3 hunters because I’m completely out of ammo and I decide to hide in a barn and see if I can get any ammo
Of course I close all the doors but somehow the hunters clip through the wall into the barn and I’m dead
Frustrating but I’m sure it can be fixed

That´s the same as flowers are in barn´s from outside, or stones, or flowers from out to in at the farm sheds

Just when was the last time you were chased by an angry mob of flowers and rocks? :upside_down_face:


I’ve merged some threads on the issue into this one (and will continue to do so), and I’ll be poking some devs about it so they know it’s something to look into and tweak for the future. Cheers guys.


Still don’t know why sometimes machines phase through surfaces, we are all in the boat.

Um…what are you talking about?

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Should say “we are all in the same boat”. Sorry.

Barns are a really bad place to hide from Hunters - so are warehouses. Houses are better.


I like it when robots enter barns and houses. It adds to the excitement and challenge. But they should do it through the open doors. Closing the doors should provide some safety, at least until the robots manage to break through it. They should keep off the stairs. I’ve probably stated this opinion before in a previous thread, but I would like to see it implemented.