Are handguns obsolete now?

With the wheel UI there is no longer a designated spot for a handgun, giving us the option to “fill that spot” with whatever we choose.

From a “player’s choice” perspective this is good, but hasn’t this made handguns obsolete? Why would you choose to include a handgun when you instead could choose something more potent? There is no real penalty in weight for choosing a machine gun instead, but your firepower is dramatically increased.

Previously you would pack a handgun just because there was a designated spot for it and it was easily accessible, as a last resort or to clean up some “leftover” runners.

Only reason I can see now that justifies bringing a handgun is if there is a assignment requiring “destroy X with handguns”

I put my Klauke in the plundra, and I’m not planning to bring it with me anytime soon.

What about you? Are you still bringing/using handguns? If so why?


I definitively still have my exp. Klaucke with me. I use it usually when I roam the place to have a better view but I use it against runners and ticks in close combat. And occassionaly I use it against tanks to giggle when an EMP blast hits :joy:

But yeah the weapon wheel makes those weapons a bit more obsolete. The Möller is only the weapon of choice at the beginning. I ignore the magnus as well as the brännbol bat and the sledgehammer since the latter make no sense in this game unless you want to die :stuck_out_tongue:


i still keep my 9mm w/ shock ammo :smiley: it tears amour to shreds. Better question__ could someone do a handgun only style because of the weapon wheel… Think about it All of the Handguns got a specific Experimental Ammo. So y not.

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The wheel can definitely allow a “only handgun build”, so from that perspective it good!

But is it viable? Isn’t it more of a “can I do it?” type of build? Kind of a challenge?

been playing this game for close to 2,000 hours now… pure Monkey player… yes i like things that hand me a challenge :smiley:

Really good point I didn’t think about yet.
But as others said:

At least for the exp Klauke with shock ammo there is still a usage for handguns due to its emp effect and the ability to switch fast to a weapon with shock ammo.

Others may use the möller for healing maybe.

But I agree that one big problem of the game is that all weapons have the same weight.

With differences in weight you would have to think more about your loadout and carrying a handgun could make sense to fill a gap with some additional firepower.

We should make a feature request for that point.


have to wait to see what skills they come w/ in May-June update for skill alterations… working on my covert sniper at the moment. Then a boomer.

Yes, I get that (I think)

But isn’t it more of a goof then, like when Tenebris and Wired did the baseball bat against a rival wolf:

-“That’s crazy! Let’s see if we can do it!”

How do you make such requests?

Hey… 1-shotting Runners with the .44 Magnus never goes out of style! :sunglasses:


Create a new topic in “feature request” section.

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“Style” or “show off”; the jury is still out on that one! :wink:

Handguns are definitely not obsolete early-game. I don’t know how it progresses later though…

I have to admit that I’m progressively using it less and less, and I’m still in the Archipelago. (A friend of mine lent me his copy of Cyberpunk 2077, so I’ll be playing that for a while, I think. :sweat_smile:)

Excellent point!

Early game handguns are viable basically because of the lack of alternatives, you have to use what you got!

But mid/late game there are “better” alternatives, in my opinion…

(Have fun with CP! I really enjoyed that game!) :shushing_face:

I don’t use exp weapons or ammo so in my opinion handguns are now more or less obsolete when it comes to effectivnes. But if they add a riot shield (if that’s what they are called) that the Police use. You can have a shield in one hand and in the other a handgun. Could be good against thoose nasty ticks.

I play the same way, no experimental stuff at all.

Personally I’m not a big fan of a riot shield, but I can see that it could fill a purpose making the handguns more useful again.

Come to think of it, early game, clearing out the bunkers, a shield would have been nice!

And some players are already carrying a smg, a assault rifle, a 50 cal, a lmg, and maybe a rocket launcher on top of that, so why not add a shield? :wink:

I liked the riot shield/smg build in Division, you still had to watch your back and move around because the AI in that game likes to flank. I could be fun. But if they are going to revamp skills are we going to get an option to respec?

Due to no longer having a slot for pistols/melee weapons only, I too stopped carrying the N9 and that slot has been filled with the 6* M46 SMG. Crazy thing was I was till carrying the 9MM pistol ammo!

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You know what would make handguns relevant? A dual wield pistol build. I have 3 exp Klaucks rusting in my plundra. I mean if they do a shield/pistol then why not dual pistols?

A lot of problems could be solved if they completely restructured the weight system, making it more limited and strategical like the old inventory.
lowering total space
Separate inventory for crafting supplies, can be upgraded via backpack or something similar
Pistol and pistol ammo weigh less
Certain guns like the COM-10 and AT-WAD weigh significantly less then the other guns in their class
Explosive launchers weigh more, grenade launcher weighs less as it has less range to balance it out.