Are handguns obsolete now?

Regardless of the weapon wheel, I still carry the Exp Klauck. Once I remove the weapons from a Tank, I use the pistol to wear him down and save the .50 cal ammo.

I go the other way and try to save my trigger finger… :wink:

Tenebris has his take on the topic now…,

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Prior to the weapon wheel, the only time I would take out a handgun was when I was walking to recharge my stamina and wanted to see the N9’s draw animation.

There were maybe a dozen times where I would use a pistol to finish off some Runners.

Now that we can take up to 8 guns of our choosing and don’t need to drag around a sidearm, my handguns only see the light of day when they’re needed for an assignment.


I used handguns often before. In a fight versus tanks I usually switch weapons when the mag was empty and when all three were out then I took shelter and reloaded. Now I use two weapons and no handgun. Switching with the wheel takes too long time so I use the triangle Button to switch between my two latest

I already wrote my opinion somewhere above but want to add: no.

They aren’t as obsolete as the hunting rifles or melee weapons, as the shothuns, mines and all the other stuff.

Just because you and me don’t use them anymore, because there are more and better weapons, there is no reason to drop them totally.

Just think of new players or you starting from the scratch. Well, the way how dlc weapons are integrated is a problem. (check here how it could be changed:

But if you like this game and its story, how the game started and pulled you into the deep, you wouldn’t say that anything is obsolete. (except gas masks :sweat_smile:)

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I use the shotguns on both my chars. they’re really good for fast moving runners, ticks and hunters when they’re too close for the exp KVM. On my stealth build I use birdshot with a silencer because of the range and on my run and gun build I use buckshot and choke for the damage. Both shotties are experimental.

Hey @Madchaser, that is “off limits”; gas masks are not obsolete! :wink:

And I don’t really feel pistols are either. But without a designated handgun spot and the same weight as LMG there is no real reason to bring a pistol.

Ammo preservation? Maybe…

But if the choice would be between a 1kg pistol and 8 kg LMG, the answer might be completely different.

(But I think the feedback from the community to a change of “the weight system” would be “nuclear”, but that is a completely other discussion! Maybe I should open that can of worms? :grimacing:)

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I like the Klaucke cuz I make so many FBI OPEN UP jokes when I open a door with my 5c Klaucke in hand.
The N9 Recoil is kinda absurd at this point

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Yesss! the 44 Magnus. I use it as little sniper gun with the Handgun Scope. And good for Run and Gun Runners. I really often use the Beretta (N9) in close combats with runners and in houses. She has a higher Kadence as the 44 Magnus. :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:

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I like the Klaucke cuz I make so many FBI OPEN UP jokes when I open a door with my 5c Klaucke in hand.
The N9 Recoil is kinda absurd at this point

tbh I like the Moller w/ Ext. mag.
16 rounds of .32 FMJ

Maybe if they made them faster to draw, aim, and reload then there would be more incentive to use them. If they became more “nimble” then it might make sense to switch to a sidearm to finish off runners that have gotten too close instead of reloading your main weapon.


So with the idea of weight:

  • Weapons such as the KVM-59 and the PVG-90 should weigh about 2.500 since they are heavy weapons.
  • the AR’s and Rifles stay at 2.000
  • Pistols should weigh 1.500
  • Scopes and modules stay the same
  • SMG 9mm should weigh less than 7.62mm ammo (but it doesnt)

It doesn’t really match the topic.
Hasn’t there been a topic about weights somewhere?

Checked: there are many, maybe we should use this one: Weight adjustments of weapons and other stuff

Your suggested weights for the heavier weapons are way too low in my eyes. But let’s talk about weights somewhere else.

Edit: I knew, I once made a suggestion on weights. Here is a table:

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