Feature request (optimizing the weapon packs)


I just thought about how the weapon packs are implemented into the game and that I’m not happy about getting ammo, ammo-scematics and a 3c version of each gun instantly and the other guns randomly as loot from the machines.

Describtion of request
Somehow these weapons, as support for the resistance, have found its way to the isles.

Players who start from the scratch and own the packs immediatly have some good weapons just from the beginning, while other players had to progress through the whole story by evolving through the story, the locations and defeated enemies.

Describtion of requested feature

What if the weapon-pack weapons would be provided through support deliveries by air?

There could be a ingame-message that new equipment will be provided. By pressing square (on Playstation) you could jump right into the map and will see where on the map and from which faction (US or soviet) a new delivery arrives.

These messages and therefore these deliveries could come randomly maybe once or twice per weapon-pack a day and just include weapons, attachments and/or ammo from the owned weapon-packs.

There could be a small marker on the map like the rivals have… Or a small radius in which you have to search for. The marker or radius also shows a small icon (soviet / US).

If you reach the place (which should always be at least 1km or mile away from the players location) you find a box or some crates in a net with a parachute on the ground or hanging in a tree / at a house (but always reachable).

This boxes / crates etc could disappear a few minutes after looting them or when the next delivery arrives.

There could also be a countdown-timer that shows the remaining time until the next delivery or until a package disappears (because the enemies destroyed it).

Now you would have additional fun by chasing these deliveries with a chance for high-classed attachments, weapons or a great amount of ammo for them and the implementation would be ways more logical.

And of course there would be more worth out of these weapon-packs as it would be some kind of a new mission-type.

Additionally new players who start directly with one or more weapon-packs will have a closer experience to the players, who started without any weapon-pack (and without any worthy weapon right from the starting location).

Please support this idea. It’s for the players… and I guess the game and the devs would benefit of this too.

Edit: Here an example how it could like on the map


I agree, I find it weird that both these high power weapons are given to players right out of the gate and they have no in-game story. The only story Is on the game page in whatever store you purchased it in.


I think that’s a great idea. It really ruins emmersion if a random teen has access to military grade weaponry right out if the gate.


Great idea more or less, I would not like to see to high tier in the drops or at least that higher tier equipment is really rare.

I remember when I started the game and you had nothing but what you found on the way out of the archipelago, this made the enemies really intimidating and fear was indeed a factor.

Starting from scratch with all the DLC weapons would have definitely impaired this feeling.


I wish I could have edited the starting post, but I’m not able. With the resistance weapon-pack released there should be another way to provide its weapons. By air wouldn’t make sense.

Instead of a parachute with some crates there could be a destroyed truck with some corpses around. A resistance transport. Or, if you think a truck makes no sense, because there aren’t any driveable trucks/cars, there just could be some corpses with crates and backpacks.

Anything else could be the same rules as described above. Of course the icon on the map would show a resistance sign for them.

Again, please support the idea.
For the immersion. For the game. For us players.

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It would definitely be nice if the weapon packs had any sort of explanation inside the game. Air drops for the NATO stuff and finding the Resistance stuff left behind by the dead makes sense.

I think the Soviet Pack weapons should be related to the Landfall Soviet story though. Maybe you could find them in those big hovercraft or in the Soviet camps. Or something like that.

Why can’t you edit it?

Probably, because the forum has a limited time for editing.

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Oh. I didn’t know that.

So, how come you can edit your first post in the Hike Routes thread? That’s older than this one.

Is the time limit based on when the last edit was, and not when it was posted?

Maybe because he made a wiki out of it?

Oh and you’re right. Since landfall it doesn’t make so much sense with the soviet weapon pack being delivered by air.

But don’t you think it shouldn’t be limited to marshlands? I’m not sure what would be best.

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That’s right. If you are making lists of any sort over a very long time, you need to be able to add to it.


It’s been a while since I suggested this new mission type.

Sadly the discussion didn’t progress.

But now, since we have the basement for this idea (random weekly missions with some objects that appear for the mission and disappear later and that provide us some loot after success) I want to revive this feature request.

@SR_Carni, @ all the devs, please add some missions that provide the weapon-pack-weapons, attachments and ammo.

Yes, these missions would have to be part of the already released DLCs. But now it’s nothing technically new.

Please remove the initial 3c weapons, attachments and ammo from the plundra.

It would add so much more to the immersion, so much more fun, more tasks to do and way more worth to the weapon packs.

I don’t think it’s necessary for the tactical equipment packs, but still possible. But the related items are currently just provided in a limited amount. Once depleted you still have to unlock crafting and the schematics to get more of them. Like a preview.

The base building packs aren’t affected. They are just useable after unlocking basebuilding.

For the skins pack… I don’t own it, I don’t know how they are provided. Instantly? Or are they just added to the loot pool?

Finally there are some reasons that speak against “if you buy something you will want to have immediate access”.

Imagine having bought a DLC and suddenly not having access to 3* weapons anymore off the bat? This would be the base for a lawsuit in some countries. I find the airdrop idea totally rad, much love. But asking devs to remove an aspect from a paid content pack that people paid for seems unrealistic.

Players who don’t want the DLC guns immediately can sell them and farm them (not that they are really rare, their drop rates are highly increased compared to main game guns).

Finally, with your suggestion a player would be paying for the chance to get a DLC weapon via one of these missions, that’s not really ethical from a consumer point of view. You’re also just assuming that everyone wants to play for these weapons and grind hard for them. That might not even be the case.

Implementing an option in the game, or a pop-up that asks “You have bought weapon pack X, do you want immediate access to 3* versions of your weapons?” would be easier and allow players to decide themselves. Either solution, no weapons or yes weapons without a choice is just making the decision for the player.

I really like the airdrop thing, though, they actually seem to have the code base to do things like that as seen in the new procedural missions. There could be other ways to implement them.

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Good addition!

Isn’t it that way in every game? We buy what others created. They took descitions, that some like and others don’t. Or what about base assaults, defenses and these many control points? (without an option to deactivate them) :wink:

Who bought a game in the past, but now isn’t able to play it any more due to the discition of someone to shut down servers?

What about, for example, a Call of Duty battlepass? You buy something to get access to more items which you still have to unlock by playing.

There are endless examples.

But your idea with a simple option at the start of a new world would be great, too.

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Wouldn’t that basically be the same as you dropping the DLC weapons and and let them de-spawn? :coffee:

For an experienced player: yes.
For a new player: no.

Such an option could also be a warning that using DLC weapons uppon the first plundra could change your overall experience.

Of course everyone may have his/hers own opinion.

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