Are my eyes dirty?


Please get rid of whatever filter you have over the normal vision that looks grungy with a bunch of tiny lens flares. I am not wearing ANY eye wear at all and I get this effect on PS4. Its more noticeable at certain times than others, but there is no reason for it. Its not associated with being hit or dirt being splashed up into my vision. It’s just a filter that is there all the time, like I’m wearing dirty glasses. It really takes away from the beauty of the game. I wonder if this is PS4 specific.


Do you have any screenshots of this? It does sounds almost like an item is stuck on your character, such as the gas mask where it sort of blurs your vision and has some spots on the screen.


I’ll try to get a screenshot later although it wont be as visible in a still shot. It’s not nearly as intense of an effect as the gas mask . It’s fairly subtle but annoying. It seems most noticeable when there is a bright light or fire nearby. EDIT: I’m too dumb to figure out how to get a screenshot from my playstation to my computer, but this is very easy to see if it is dark and you pan your view back and forth across a fire. It looks like a smudged up lens with a bunch of small Bokeh effects. (little hexagonal highlights)