Are special (gold/5-crown) weapons area bound?

Ok, so I’ve been wondering for a while why I haven’t got any special weapons from FNIX Tanks and Harvesters. I realize it’s random loot of course, but I’ve taken down a few of them since the June patch and so far haven’t found any.

So maybe this is area bound somehow, I thought. Like if it’s more likely to get some special weapons the farther north you are. So far the farthest north I’ve been is line with Boo, just north of Sorken bunker (and so I’m not done with the main missions).

What are your thoughts and experience of this? Could the special weapons be area bound or have I just been “unlucky”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think so. I’ve gotten 5-crown weapon drops from FNIX Tanks down near Torsberga Artillery Fortress. But far more FNIX Tanks spawn in the north, so your chances are definitely increased there. Keep in mind that Military Tanks can drop 4-crown weapons as well, which isn’t bad either :slight_smile:

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After the June release, I have killed about ten fnix harvesters and ten fnix tanks wandering in the North, Marshlands, Montains and Forest (City). NO WEAPONS at all, just two bicycles and a couple of gold attachments. I have two levels in the related Mechanic skill. I do not know, what to think. 20 machines killed, 4 of them completely empty (a bug I suppose). So the weapon drop rate less than 5 percent?

It’s random. Some people find stuff, others don’t. Took me forever to get the Emerald Cykel for example, but I’ve never found any since.

If you want to farm FNIX Tanks there are two that always spawn by the windmills in the north-eastern region, can’t remember what it was called. Though that’s something I don’t normally do unless I was really stocked up on supplies. Other enemies tend to join in, sometimes other Tanks.

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Yes, I tried the windmills place, a nice sightseeing spot, but seems really crowded with many foes and it may be too much for my solo fighting capacities. I will try in mp soon. However I do not complain, I think a drop rate less than 5% is challenging for a legendary weapon, not “deterrent”.

sometimes you have to keep hunting to get the good stuff

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Thanks guys! I’ll try out the windmills and just keep fighting on - eventually I’ll get them I guess :sunglasses:

Oh yes, yes @Zesiir and @jakel ! I persevered and I just killed an harvester in Kaptensvillan an got a gold Meusser !

NB. Curious thing, the relay beacon in Nyhamnen respawned twice for me, with its defenders. Good for XP farming?


I have found a good place to farm a fnix harverster, a fnix tank, a couple of fnix hunters and runners. Stenmyra. One can start from the safehouse-church, the big guys are usually there, if not when looting the area they will come. There are as well two good looting spots where you can get .50 and rockets: an ammo stock in a locked barn from a mission (I forgot the name) and a well known looting spot near the broken bridge (from another quest).

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Awesome @Bazyl, thanks!

Tonight I actually got the golden Granatgevär from a FNIX Tank, but that was “down” by the lake Avern, in the settlement (S… something) by the south side of it.

So I’ll keep hunting those big fellas and thanks to you guys I’ve got several good grounds to check out :grimacing:

Happy to help :grinning:

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I have found another good spot for fnix and harvesters farming, Anl 188 Farela bunker. Be careful, packs of dogs and hunters used to spawn as well as escort.


Hi, I have found a new good spot for farming big fnix machines. Smabatshamnen. They spawn frequently, one by one, there are 10 gas red canisters in the hangar, and a safehouse is quite close. Sometimes they get blocked in between the spot buildings. I recommend it to you. Quite easier than Anl 118 Farela.

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Oh sounds cool! It’s been a long time since I was there at Småbåtshamnen but sounds like it needs a revisit :sunglasses: Thanks @Bazyl, a lot of great tips! Got the five crown AK 4 yesterday, at Färela :smiley:

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Oh my dear ! A gold AG4 ? Don’t mention it to @Bootie, he’s desperately looking for one :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah he was wasn’t he… um, might have already told him… and uploaded a pic of my inventory with it… haha oops :sweat_smile:

But what platform is he on?

Want another one ?
Gramphammar, not far South from Anl 118 Farela, a great hunting spot. Several big fnix machines and lots of smaller, for XP. It is easier than the Windmills scenic and literary lowlands as there are a lot of buildings for cover. However, you would like to take a radio, it is a bit far from the closest safehouse. If you try to ride a bicycle from Anl 118 Farela it will be your turn to be hunted :anguished:

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Wow, yeah keep’em coming! :smiley:

Yesterday, I came from the east and discovered the farm northeast of Garphammar. I was just gonna “take” the safehouse at Färela and then continue down to Garphammar and take that bit of the west coast shown in your pic there… but that crazy fight I got into at Färela took me like an hour :joy:

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Once at Farela I had to deal with 2 tanks, 1 harvester, 6 hunters, 20+ runners and some seekers all FNIX class, one hell of a fight, the ticks came pooring in…I took me a hour or more to claim victory.
All mentioned spots are good and I may add the area around the church on the south coast (wrongly called Sillavik safehouse) is also a good spot to encounter FNIX tanks and a lot of other fnix mechs.

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I love those fights! As long as you have the time to finish them :wink: And thanks for the tip!