Assignments need a thorough revamp

I have complained on here before about the use of Base Assault assignments requiring too much effort for too little gain and felt that particular type of assignment should be binned.
They have however stayed and taken the edge off doing any assignments.
Today one assignment was " Do 7 base assaults" for 3 points. Ridiculous.
If anyone at Avalanche or Systemic Reactions reads this forum can you either remove base assault assignments from the pool or introduce a reward worthy of doing them, a couple of 5* weapons after a weeks slog is not good enough, exp weapons at least.


Yeah ok, this is pretty steep. Doing 7 bases assaults will take a serious amount of time! :grimacing:

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Aye, some targets are really hard to meet or have extremely specific requirements, some work needs to be done, also regarding the assignment cap per day, right now missing one or two means exclusion from gold rewards and a week gone down the gutter.

feel free to comment under this thread, too, not exactly the same topic but I might just make a full assignment rework suggestion at some point FMTEL - Assignments - Don't force us to play every day


Complete 7 Base assaults would’ve been a good weekly assignment, just saying.

Also, I think the biggest insult was that the individual reward was a Two-star raw materials pack; which was 36 steel and 33 textile…


Yeah due to these types of assignments I’ve decided not to do them any longer ( too much effort for too little gain) and this means that along with the recent news of no prospect of new islands etc it seriously calls into question any reason to load the game up in the morning.

Hey, yes we are aware that this one is a bit hard to do, we’ll tweak it in the future :slight_smile: thanks!