August Update..are they listening?


Was there any confirmation that an August update is due?

I can’t wait to see how they have been spending their time at Avalanche.


Yep, @Avalanche_Graham confirmed in the stream that there will be an update at the end of August, although no specific date just yet. But I’m guessing the last week (w. 35) :blush:


I was going to watch the live stream, but I felt my salt for this game is best off with me.

Let us prey…that as there will technically be 8 weeks between this update that it finally…finally…levels out the tracking once and for all.

Appreciate the post nice one


I really hope so. A update wpuld the game, wich is already, make even better (soory for my bad english) I´m just 13 years old and from germany so


update is on tuesday they revealed it i there stream


Anything on the specifics of whats due to come?


Yes… just watch the latest stream:


I was watching it to


Here this should help you out:



Do u now wich is coming with the update?


Here ya go everyone, i had made a short video on some key points of whats coming in this months update in a video here; in case anyone doesn’t want to trod through the whole livestream to find the best parts.

I think one of the more exciting things from this weeks stream was how Paul hinted at the world becoming more alive in the future, we might see wildlife and maybe more come to the game and more set pieces as well. That won’t be this update and maybe not the next, but knowing it’ll be coming at some point is pretty rad. :smiley:


sweet at least this means there will be storage or……… at least more storage




nice video , cheers mate