Letter from the Development Team August - 16th


Hi all!

We just pushed another “Letter from the Devs” live. Feel free to have a read here: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/news-from-the-team-august-16th


August Update..are they listening?

sounds really cool. i am such a hoarder. won’t have to get rid of everything.


Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to the August Update! :slight_smile:


Sounds great - so next update maybe ability to reset map/missions? Keep it up guys! :sunglasses:


Awesome. Can’t wait. Hate leaving stuff behind.


Truly impressed with…In this day & age having a development team listen to the players. In a day & age where CS keeps getting cut & forums being replaced by social media I am thrilled to see what you folk are doing here.


Yep good news, I have thrown away too many good weapons of late so looking forward to the update.


Also hoping for a fix for the multiplayer loot issue and the empty toolbox issue. Those are actually preventing me and my wife playing together right now as she gets empty boxes everywhere.

Keep up the good work though, still think this is a great game!



I’m still missing the option of starting a new character from the beginning without deleting all characters. It’s boring to run around just killing robots. And I dont’t want to start from the beginning and loose all my stuff.


On the note of the survey you have linked, it would be nice if you could add an ‘other’ option to the questions about the favorite and least favorite features, as neither of them lists what my respective answer would be (story for favorite, current lack of replay value for least favorite).


hopefully the mission fix will solve the problem with them randomly disappearing.


Sounds great cant wait hope you add crafting


@Malthezar I sure hope not that would so ruin this game as would adding vehicles in my opinion. There are enough games like Ark around in my personal opinion or games with people driving around the battle field. Not having those two things play a major role in the unique feel of this the best free roam game of the console generation in my opinion. Want me to stop playing then add those two things to this game… Again just my opinion.


Yeah. New enemies, new missions (or activities rather than exploring + combat), new weapons and locations - this would be good. Maybe even some NPCs which survived


Actually they had planned on it as they removed the tutorials with last months patch new guns to craft mod attachments wouldn’t be a problem it would give the game actual decent endgame content


@Malthezar with a game like this there should be no “end game” it should be in constant development with new free/paid content for years. When you see an “end game” you will know development has ended & the game is dead…Till then the goal is to keep one playing & spending for years. Crafting would kill this game…TBH I have never understood why so many want to turn every game they play into just another copy of all the other games they play…


I’d argue that there are a few things that it absolutely makes sense to be able to craft in GZ. Sticky flares come to mind as a trivial example, it’s not like it’s hard to wrap double-sided tape around a flare. Simple traps make sense too, it’s not like it would be hard to rig a grenade to a tripwire for example (though of course, you would have to be somewhere where it made sense to set up such a trap). Hell, it wouldn’t even be hard to create something like a lacrosse stick to fling grenades further. None of that would ‘ruin’ the game. Yes, it might change gameplay a little, but the core game isn’t going to change just because you have a few other options to kill things and don’t have to scavenge to get some of the rarer consumables.

I also disagree that having proper end-game content would mean the game is dead. I guess it kind of depends on what you mean by ‘end game’ though. Right now, there is zero end-game content. Short of farming achievements or just tooling around with friends, there’s zero reason to continue playing right now after you finish the story and get all the collectibles. There’s no way to start a new character from scratch properly and try things differently, which rules out a lot of possibilities that keep many other games alive for years (no speed running, no personal challenges for completion, no ‘new’ play styles to explore). There are no recurring events that you can participate in other than just fighting things. There’s not even all that much variety in terms of the fights. That’s a horrible state for a game to be in, because it means people will get bored with the game quickly once they complete it, and will move on to other things, which makes it less likely that they will buy any new DLC that comes out for the game. We don’t need a full resolution to the story yet (that happening will be a solid signal that the game is essentially dead), but having something different to do would be nice.


@ahferroin7 I guess we will just have to agree to disagree you with what I stated & me with the above. I like games as a service that have no “end game” that continue on in to the future, that have free roam & that are unique…This is one of the few left to console & the best of this generation of console & I personally have the opinion that it should stay unique that is all. Take care!


Looking forward to the update but a thought has been eating at the back of my mind. Will our storage boxes be safe from looters if I leave my game open to multiplayer? I usually keep my session closed when playing with friends but occasionally ill leave my game open if I’m just out in the world scavenging for ammo or XP. Extra people come in handy when you run up on 5 tanks and a harvester. Just a thought.


I’m sure the storage boxes that other players encounter in safehouses will be their own instead of the hosts storage during multiplayer sessions.