August Update Now Live!


Hi all,

We are pleased to say that our August Update is now LIVE! Please check the full update notes here:


You guys are master trolls, at times. It’s not detailed in the patch notes, and I thought it was a bug when I first saw it… But man, it scared the bejesus out of me. I won’t spoil it for anyone else, other than it’s got to do with improvement to certain Machines :scream:


Just a small bit of feedback on the august update, it’s really good on ps4! Only thing i’d like is the ability to manage our inventory while using the plundra, it’d be nice to be able to move items freely about the list so you can sort the more important things at the top (ammo/med/kits etc) and the things you’re holding onto at the bottom (attachments/weapons) and it’d be nice to be able to do the same with your personal inventory too as the item box just kinda dumps the item into your inventory, furthering the difficulty in personal inventory management.
All in all they’re fantastic in their utility but it’s slightly inconvenient without being able to adjust and sort the things you have.


Hey all. Gonna start a new gameplay. Can someone please confirm level cap still at 31?


Can confirm @x2dl but hopefully we’ll see it increased from 31 sometime.


Thx for fast reply. Its for upgrade planning purposes. PEACE


Thankyou team , as always a sweet update , aye the small team have been busy , cheers :+1:


Downloading… 28 min…:sunglasses:


Fashionista trophy? Is it possible to unlock it now?
Been waiting since April…


Thanks :slight_smile: keep up a good work. Game will be great.


This update’s been primarily focused on gameplay and mission issues, so no achievements as far as I’m aware. Anyone’s welcome to prove me wrong tho :slight_smile:


Great update, and a big surprise in there too…haha…that made my day :ok_hand:


Omg love the storage option but the pain is can’t kill tanks in single player used 3 gas can and nothing even shot 4 rocket launchers at it and still nothing it’s health was still 100% is this a bug oh and for some strange reason my shotgun changed to a sub machine gun on the good side I can fire 32 rounds without reloading bad thing is the enemies are dropping ammo for the sub machine gun not the shotgun I have equipped


Thank You :+1:
I have lost my missions a few times, multiplayer took them away, an update took them away and some other unknown random thing took them away. Every time it happened I was unable to find a way to restart the missions and some of the objectives would still show up on my map but not let me complete them. This update finally fixed that for me. I have tested it on a couple different saves and can now restart the lost or “hidden” missions so I am free to continue where I left off after the last time. Hopefully the update also fixed whatever made them go away to begin with.


Can you guys please add the ability to split stacks? It would be awesome to share items with people. That way if I only have 5 of something and want to share half I can.


Quick question, when you hit the level 31 cap, do you stop earning skill points?


Yes because you can’t gain xp


Yes sir, currently capped at 31 despite call of the wild ( same developers and build platform ) goes to 50. I say cap it at 75, then you can have a completely maxed character on the skill tree.


35-40 and I can fully do a stealth engineering class. A lot of the skills are placed low so than I’ve had to purchase skills I don’t really necessarily use or need just to get the ones I do. I think if the skill tree was changed to something closer to borderlands 2. With 3 skills options per column would save skill points than 31 would be fine. Maybe even place the special perk on the top to start the tree.

That could help us try newer specials. I have a feeling most are using survival and engineering specialists perks. Personally I didn’t dare want to waste points to see if the other specials are worth the go


When there will be an update for the clothing trophy ?