August update ps4?


Is it coming this night? Or is it postponed again?

I’m waiting patiently and without any hard feelings. Just curious.


Was it confirmed for tonight? I know they fixed the multiplayer issue that was holding the update back, but it will most likely still be a week or 2 until it comes on PS4.


DO NOT go online into multiplayer - and set your lobby to invite only the moment you load into game after the update.

Spread the word


I was waiting for the dev team to make an announcement, but didn’t see anything.

I just stumbled into a link in some unrelated thread.

So it seems we’ll have to wait.

That’s okay. Something to look forward to.

Thanks (can be closed)


The devs are trying to fix their latest mess; the Xbox update that ruined saved games quite a few. I would imagine the ps4 update will come after we’ve all moved on to ps5. The devs ask for feedback but I’ve yet to hear why they just won’t rollback the April update.


It’s a bit frustrating, but let’s not be so pessimistic. It’ll be okay. It would just take some time. And even if the baddest scenario would happen, when our consoles or pc’s explode, we can always go outside. Watch the birds and the trees, or have some good time with friends and family. Before you know it your life’s over. Be sure to find the things that are actually important. Who cares if a game isn’t working correctly, when the world around us is chattered…

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There is also the possibility that when the update comes, it will have some of the bugs the Xbox version has (unless they manage to fix it).
So as @AliasDJA said


I tried to warn everybody. Apart from putting it in the load screen - I don’t know what else can be done


One other thing, you can add the need to have the save data saved on flash drives/cloud/other methods.
Because save corruption is higher now than it was on the last 7 months.


You have the right attitude, brother. :smile: I have so many games I did not like or they did not work proper and I just set them aside and moved on to another one. With a positive mindset even bugs won’t bug you.


I make backup copies every day. Better safe than sorry. :vulcan_salute:


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