Bad Audio Tearing Sound after 60FPS PS5 update

It never stopped me playing. I kinda made it a challenge to get it to stop as quickly as I can. By killing machines who are fighting together. Then it sounds normal again for a while.

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Just as I would do or did last time.
Maybe next time I’ll experience it while using my AV system, I’ll try to switch to my headset to see if it still is there. Until now I didn’t hear it while using my headset.

Still having this issue on PS5 - fresh download for the game (first time playing it) about a week ago and my first 15 ish hours it didn’t show up but as soon as I got to wolves / firebirds fighting harvesters / tanks it was consistent with my movement or robot gunfire. Also my companion runner seems to count in making the audio tearing sounds.

Headphones, tv speakers, or soundbar are all the same results.

I did get it to “stop” by turning my SFX volume to 0 and then back to max but it only resolved the issue for 20 minutes or so.

It’s unbearable. I was really hoping for a fix by now… it’s been over a month I think. I shelved the game the day I downloaded the 60fps update. What an absolute shame.

I guess they just forgot in which drawer they put the fix…

Ironic off

Can I be disappointed I can’t play GZ? Is that alright with you? I understand they can’t just snap their fingers “madchasher”. I’m simply expressing my disappointment. No need to diminish other people.

Sure you can be disappointed if you can’t play GZ.
I would be disappointed, too.
But it’s a difference of being disappointed and blaming someone else for not fixing a not-gamebreaking-bug within a month. Maybe they already fixed it, but just release it with the next update? Who knows.

At least for me there is no problem… And I’m not alone. I had this issue just once while fighting two firebirds. After that, and in regions without firebirds nearby, I didn’t experience it again.

There are by the way some other more critical issues that need to be fixed. For example I lose all safehouses again and again since landfall update (07.02.2022!) and can’t progress in my other worlds due to building blocks mission. I am disappointed, but I’m not blaming someone, nor saying it’s a shame.

Maybe I misunterstood your message, as my english is far away from being perfect, but I never diminished you.

So they pushed an update through today and after testing for about an hour on ps5, and many firebirds hacked for gunfire in the distance, I haven’t had a single instance of audio tearing. It’s beautiful. It was listed in the patch notes but it seems to genuinely be resolved and I’m elated :smiley:

Patch notes: Community Requests Update - Patch Notes - #8 by Hornet44

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Outstanding!! Thanks for letting us know. I can’t wait to dive back in again.

This is all YOUR OPINION Madchaser. YOU say the audio tearing is NOT a gamebreaking bug, but the safe house issue IS, or at least in your opinion the safe house is worse than the audio. I 100% disagree. I played through the Safehouse issue and just dealt with it, but had to uninstall the game because of the audio issue.

Wow different people enjoy the game differently, seems you learned something new today. Try to be more respectful to people when they are respectfully airing their criticisms in this forum.

All Love Never Hate. (Thank you OdinsRavens, I can now reinstall the game since you say it is fixed, respect)

; ) This response must be 20 characters for me to post but all I need are two. : )

Blaming someone personally and declaring them, their game, their work or what else as a shame isn’t respectful.

That’s something you should learn.

@Zesiir: as the topics issue is resolved, the report can be closed in my eyes.

Glad to hear the audio issue has been resolved.

Closing report.