Bad Audio Tearing Sound after 60FPS PS5 update

As soon as the update 1.44 hit I popped in to check out the new 60FPS on my PS5. I wasn’t disappointed and it looks great and runs smooth as far as I have seen. However, almost immediately, I noticed terrible audio tearing sounds. This is almost exactly similar to another bug posted on this forum many months ago and was the reason I quit playing for several months until it was finally fixed. That particular bug was called, “Occasional clicking sound while moving”. Here’s the link -

This bug is different in that it’s not clicking, it’s just ear piercing audio tearing noise. I have a 30 second video but I can’t figure out how to upload it here. Would anyone be so kind to help me out?

I am extremely down about this. The audio tearing is mind numbing and I just cannot tube it out. Honestly GZ is keeping me sane these days and I hate to have to put it down… really hoping I don’t have to wait another few months to play again…

Platform: PS5

Steps to reproduce: Just play the game


Players: 1


You can upload it from playstation directly to YouTube and then paste the link here.

I’m excited. Will test it later.

Yesterday I played for an hour without any issues.
Maybe it’s indeed the same audio bug that was introduced with the latest updates for Xbox and PC.

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Thanks for the info. Here is a link, it’s a short clip but you can clearly hear the noise. This never stopped even after rebooting the game and continued throughout.

I think it is the same. It sounds the same as I have on steam PC. It occurred with one of the hotfixes.

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It’s exactly as what I have, it seems to happen when machines are fighting in the distance as I had no problems when travelling through the quiet forests - it seemed to stop as I got closer and started fighting(or maybe I was just distracted by the gun noises). It’s very strange and I hope the devs will fix it as soon as possible, I think this bug will get annoying very quickly.

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Just don’t get annoyed. :laughing:

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is it on PS5 & PS4, I won’t have a chance to update my PS4 until tomorrow, but are the glitches on PS4 also

Idk if there also is an update for ps4.
I can check it tomorrow, too.

At least the 60fps of this update are just for PS5.

Whew, glad it’s not just me. Tearing sound seems to occur with bot bullet impacts against other bots. Hope they can fix it soon.

100 percent agree, I hope they do quickly. For me when I play any game I like to get deeply immersed. This noise is like banging a bucket over my head with a hammer to me. I just can’t ignore it. It was the same with the “clicking” I mentioned in my first post. I had to stop playing until it was gone as it simply ruined the experience for me. Took around 6 to 8 months until I came back.

This game does sound very well and using your ears is imperative to interacting with the enemy and also to immersion into the world. Especially with using headphones. I have to unfortunately shelve this game now and worse, right when they release 60FPS…

What audio settings do you have on PS5 and in GZ?
Maybe it’s because of that?
Either I never noticed these sounds or I don’t have it.

When I’m back on console I’ll make screenshots of my settings, too.

P.S. I use either my Denon AVR-X1700H 5.1 audiosystem or my Razer Nari Ultimate 7.1 headphones.

Xbox One X

I haven’t play GZ since spring of '23. I play with the music turned off.

Walking around while Lynxes are battling, audio glitching like ricochet sounds.

Unbearable with headphones.

It stops when I stop walking.

Hope it is fixed very soon.

I also play with the music turned off, at least I was until about 3 days before the update when I decided to switch it on for a while just to change the experience a bit. Even with the music it’s utterly unbearable. Such a shame.

Interesting you say that, that was exactly how the “clicking” audio bug was in the link I added in my first post. It only happened when moving. That bug I eventually determined was actually split second snippets of opening an ammo can and/or reloading sounds. This audio bug is likely similar in that somehow a millisecond slice of an audio sound (whatever that sound is) is attached to the players movement. It’s so bizarre.

I’m quite certain it is related to the recent update and not my audio settings. I don’t remember exactly my settings, but I know this wasn’t an issue before the update. I use headphones and immediately could hear the glitched audio. It’s very jarring and noticable. Haven’t played since making the OP and don’t plan to until this is resolved. My hats off to anyone who can tune out the sounds while playing!

to me, it seemed like the sound from the lynxes was fighting with the sound of my own footsteps.

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Yeah mine is a little different for example it keeps happening when I’m in the farmlands and walking/running around the map. I hope that they can patch this up soon. But I don’t mean to rush the developers though. It’s minor to me at least.

Game also crashes at random times, very frustrating

Potential good news everyone! I just read the latest post to the Resistance Report dated 2/16. I usually keep up with them but missed this one. It mentions, among many other awesome things, a fix for the “clicking noise” audio bug! If they are referring to this audio issue then that is great news. I was so worried this would not get attention until many updates down the line. So we could see this issue fixed very, very soon!

With that, I just want to thank the developers for all their hard work. For addressing this issue so quickly and for the recent 60FPS update to console! I know everyone in this community appreciates this game and the work that is put into it.

GZ has been a sanctuary for me these past few months. Helping me get by through the hard times. It will surely continue to do so!

So to the folks who work on making this game better day after day, tack själv!

Small update from me.
Yesterday I played just about half an hour, but directly from start on I now also heard these strange sounds for the first time.

I played using my Denon AVR x1700h with 7.1 channels for audio output. It was in Dolby Atmos mode.
In general I just play GZ with my Razer Nari Ultimate Headset, and didn’t experience it yet.

Sadly I didn’t have the time to make a direct comparison what happens, if I switch the device while having the issue.

It also wasn’t there all the time. There were some spikes in the beginning. Later they were gone or I didn’t notice them any more while fighting.

I started at Sorken command Bunker and went through Boo towards lilla hammarnäs.
Destroyed two firebirds at first, one was a rival, then some runners, later a harvester, a tank and a Wolf plus few runners, hunters and lynx.

Odin Raven… I also had to stop playing this wonderful game due to the wretched shrieking that is truly a game breaking bug. Any time machines fight each other …“EEEEAHHHHHkkkk ZZzzzzzthhthhh”. Death to the machines?..More like Death to my inner EARDRUM.

I am heartened by your message of a potential upcoming fix. Thank you for your post and I will stay tuned for the good news.

— Random I think my Companion Doggie has like the best name like ever.

“Dutchess Murder Buddy” : ) Anyone reading share your Companions name if you like. All Love Never Hate*

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