Balancing Issue


Hi Everyone.
First post so please go easy on me! i finished the campaign last night and thought great lets hit the farmland and take on some of the named machines. No problems or so I thought as I started hitting on an apocalypse tank from some range with .50 cal AP. Having fired around 60 rounds plus 5 Gustav rounds and shed loads of 7.62 AP I finally killed it. This was after dying 9 times and taking out a harvester, the 6 Hunters and god knows how many runners and I end up with steel, plastic, 9 x medium and 8 x small fuel tanks, 1 x Gustav round, 112 x 5.56 and 9 x .50 cal and loads of 9mm and .223, quite disappointing as you can imagine. So I go to the start, hit a random hunter and get an experimental shotgun firing exploding flachette rounds!
Is it me or is this not very well balanced? It just seems a bit odd? I get my arse kicked for basically nothing and when I’m swearing at my xbox and promising to dump this bloody game I get a gem! It’s as if the game is goading me.

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