Base Building while in battle

Hi team,

First of all - I love this game, i’m about 600 hours in - your awesome.

I just had some thoughts on base building and I know you will refine it as we go.

I’ve completed it on hard mode in Guerilla and i’m still finding it too easy.

The hunters do their jobs well and get into my base and close to my van, although they don’t seem to actually damage it… The Tanks on the other hand do nothing, I had one attacking one side of my base for a few minutes before I could get to it and I didn’t have any of my base damaged when I got there. I feel it should have been half destroyed.

I also feel being able to build while you are getting assaulted ‘breaks the forth wall’ a bit and decreases the challenge. Is there any way base building while in combat can be disabled? (maybe it’s in the option or maybe only for Guerrilla players.

Also I get the same amount of Uranium from doing a hard wave as to an easy one. Could the player receive more the harder the mode?

Many thanks for all your hard work, looking forward as always to your work on this game.


Playing on PS4

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