Base Collapsing (By shooting above structures)

Platform: PC

Description: Shooting on any platform or wall cause the wall and sounding buildings to fall in the home base.

Steps To Reproduce: shoot out of any structure or over walls while standing on the walk way or logs for the small wall, or inside new bunker.

Host or Client: host

Players in your game 0

Agreed I’ve had the same any structure you are stood on or next to gets destroyed by you shooting.

Platform: Xbox

Description: Base structures destroyed by shooting while stood on or next to including the hunters tower rendering it useless also suspect my turrets are destroying themselves by firing at enemies but need to replicate that however no resources to build new ones as most of my base died trying to defend it

Steps To replicate: Stand on any structure and fire over it I.e. through hunters tower openings, on logs of small wall or even just stand next to anything too close and it gets damaged

Host or Client: host

Number of players: just me

Thanks for reporting this across different platforms. Definitely an odd bug, perhaps it can be prioritised for a fix soon :+1:

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Please please please I wiped out a good chunk of my base by accident because of this and trying to test and replicate it

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I don’t think “perhaps” are enough when it comes to bug-fixing. :thinking: I get that you are talking about prioritization, but “perhaps” makes me feel uncomfortable here.

I don’t care about base-building, but it seems like a serious bug.

This, and the radial wheel (which I’m happy to see), make it look like the higher-ups don’t have processes in place for effective Quality Assurance (which includes UX, IMHO).

I’m only saying that because I hope it can get prioritised for a fix. But I’m not privy to how the release of updates and hotfixes are decided internally. Of course I’d like issues fixed as soon as humanly possible :+1:


I get that. :slightly_smiling_face: Honestly, as long as they eventually release patches, I’m fine. The Xbox/PC-Game-Pass update was exceptionally long to ship, but I’m confident that Systemic Reaction will be faster now…

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I’m sure it will be fixed Soon™ probably. Perhaps in the Feb 2023 update possibly maybe. :wink:

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That is honestly something I find really weird. Rather then fix major bugs when they come up with a hotfix they’ll wait 5/6 months until the next paid DLC then fix it.

I’m relatively new in this community, but I think that the big delay with the Resistance Update on Xbox and Game Pass for PC is the main reason as to why QA had this huge backlog of bug fixing.

I might be wrong. :man_shrugging:

I definitely hope that QA and patch release will be more efficient now that the problem with the Xbox ecosystem has been fixed…

Having the same problem on Ps4 pro. But the structures don’t collapse when I use my Ai-76. But when I use my AG-5 it crumbles down after a few shots. Haven’t tried any other weapons but I will. So no base defence for me until it’s fixed. And I was looking forward to try out the new structures.

I’ve tried out the weapons I currently have on my character.

Pump action shotgun, AG-5, AG-4, HP-5, Ai-76 and N9. It Will collapse with all weapons. I tried the low structure with logs to stand on. All had heavy damage since my last defence. They would give 0 resources if deconstructed. They collapsed quickly with all weapons except my Ai-76. With that one I had to fire about 500 rounds. With the shotgun one shot was enough. Not claiming that it is a scientific study. But it seems to differ between weapons types. All weapons are gold or Purple.

Landfall Update and Base Defense DLC.

When standing on any structure ie Wall, scaffolding, Sandbag shooting position, hunting tower, etc. While shooting any weapon I damage the structure.

Yeah the shell casing cause damage to dtruxtures when they contact them.

Hoping for a hotfix soon.

Merged with main thread, and adjusted title for clarity.


PC, Steam.

In one of the Resistance bases you can build, I was shooting out of a Hunting Tower when it suddenly was destroyed. This was never a feature before so I began trying to figure out why, and so far I have noticed the N60, Auto. 5, N9 Hand gun and other guns I have yet to test - deal damage to structures even if it is not hitting the structure. You can shoot out of a hunting tower, over small walls, or even standing on top of a tall wall and shooting will damage it really fast.

Steps To Reproduce:

  • Arrive at Tyloveden Resistance base.
  • Place Hunting Tower or other structure to stand on.
  • Equip N60 (or test for other guns, as some do not damage structures.)
  • Shoot at the Horizon or any target of choosing.
  • Structure should be damaged.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client:
I was hosting a single player game

Players in your game:
Me; Mime0Tron.

Windows 10 (64 bit)
Intel(R) Core™ i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Thanks for the detailed report. I’ve moved this to the main bug report thread about the issue.


Platform: PC Xbox app

Description: Base buildings from the resistance base area keep getting destroyed when I fire near or on top of them.

Steps To Reproduce: Whenever I am within one base square of a building, or on top of the resistance hunting tower, sustained fire from an automatic, even when you are fully facing the other way destroys the structure.

I play Gen Zero through the PC Xbox app and whenever I got to shoot a fully automatic gun I destroy the buildings I’m both near or on top of. Is this a known bug or something that hasen’t been discovered yet cause this can become a pretty expensive thing, especially if you have a base like mine that is focused on using base buildings as cover. Is this going to be addressed in the near future?

This is a known issue. Moving to main report.


Is that what’s happening? I thought Hunter Sniper’s had been given steroids. I’m on Steam/PC and I was using a KVM 59 6 crown.