Base Support Pack DLC

Looks like we’re getting another pack of base structures. Specifically a Resistance Sniper Tower, a Medical Trailer, a Classic Jukebox, and more.

Hopefully by the time this comes out, Base Defenses and Assaults won’t be bugged and will actually start appearing. As is, it’s like announcing a new Assignment Pack lol.


Just my thoughts.
I guess I will wait this time.

Of course, with buying a dlc I will support the team and the development, but this time it would wish to see a bit more of support for the players and the game by fixing bugs instead of giving us new stuff each month.

As soon as the most annoying bugs (like my safehouse-lost-bug) and the ones regarding the assignments are fixed, I will buy this dlc.


I have all the DLC content. But will not be adding this to my library until the base defence/assault missions are fixed.


Looks like it’s out now.

I’d rather see some major bugs being fixed than a new base defence stuff.


Fair comment, but if its already been made and ready why not release it?

I dunno about this base defense stuff… it’s kinda like the feature nobody asked for, machines spawn so close to the bases that it’s impossbile to get proper compounds off or do tactic other than just brute-forcing wave after wave down. And the exp ammo has some nice versions but is mostly a resource sink to just complete the existing content even faster. But if they make a second DLC means that the first one probably sold well enough to warrant further dev resources.


I’m also very interested if this is accompanied by a hotfix for the Base Assault missions - not much point in getting things to build, when I can’t claim any new control points at the moment… :grimacing:


Not putting coin towards this DLC until the update bug is fixed.


Totally agree with the resource sink that the EXP ammo now is, it would be fine if the resources (mainly uranium) could be looted instead of just given as reward for doing the base defense.

I find base defense to be a fun side activity from time to time, but not fun enough to be such a big basis for the game play.


I think we’re just gonna have to be patient…
The whole rest of 2022 will probably be used to expand on and improve the whole bases concept.
I had hoped for a new major story DLC like Alpine Unrest soon, but with GZ going full-speed down the bases path, I doubt we’ll see anything like that in a while, sadly.
I want to be proven wrong, though. :blush:


Sadly I have to agree with your theory, but I hope the wait for new content will be less now with the pandemic not beeing such an issue, at least for us here in scandinavia :slight_smile:


The first DLC I will not purchase.
I’m all for supporting Indie teams and studios, but putting the paid DLC before basic player support, as in being able to even use the feature the last update was solely focused around, is ridiculous. Let alone the disappearing safe houses and the terrible lag on console.


Ideally a DLC release should come with fixes as a free patch for everyone, a lot of games handle it like this, but the stuff you need for new guns and buildings (DLC) also differs from what fixes do. You need to keep animators, riggers, artists etc. busy too. I also think the new machines from the Landfall update a while back took tons of work, making this kind of detailed enemies is not an easy task. Right now GenZ seems to run on something of a “minimal investment” strategy. Unless some huge game-changing patch lands that makes player counts bump up (imagine a complete weight/economy rebalance or more meaningful endgame) I don’t think the amount of content we get will change.

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The DLC doesnt even appear to be out, just checked steam store and no signs of a new DLC. Might be a steam issue but i think its the same on all platforms.

Edit: The support DLC is properly available now at a price of £3.80 for Stram, likely more on consoles as normal.

I bought it a few days ago from Xbox store. I don’t know why as I don’t do base defence or assault. Might come in useful later if I change my mind.

Thats the base defence pack btw, thats been available since Landfall i think.

It’s $6.99 on PS4 in Canada.

Ah OK my bad. Something else to buy coming then. I hope all my money will eventually get some bugs fixed.

So the full list of structures is:

-Resistance Sniper Tower: Does what you’d expect, snipes any machines in its field of view.

-Medical Trailer: Heals any nearby players, must be stocked up by medical supplies, probably first aid kits.

-Classic Jukebox: Plays music and distracts machines

-Security Fences: Weak chainlink fence that can be shot through by machine and man alike.

-FNIX War Trophies: Comes in Tick, Runner, Hunter, and Tank variants, presumably their decapitated heads.

-Portable Spotlight: Lights up a position in a 130° area.

-Old Outhouse: It’s an outhouse.