Best combat locations (Post-December Update)

It used to be that we ran an itinerary that consisted of: Anl 118, Tarnboda skans, Overby airfield and Littorp and had non-stop combat for nearly an hour every time.

Now we spend more time searching for machines than anything, are there any new spots where machines aggregate? “Scripted spawns” or whatever you wanna call it.


Since the reaper update they completely nerfed the machines. I spend literally 80% of my game time fast traveling around the entire map and then walking around searching for machines.

There are no machines.

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Ok guys, let´s focus on finding the places with most machines and put here the names agree??

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I finished my list of zones with most Machine activity (most fun).

  • Most of Himfjall Island (new players will have the fight of their lives there)

South Coast:

  • Tank near the Lighthouse

  • Most Fnix outposts have some Hunters and runners (light escort)

  • Near Torsberga main entrance there are always runners hunters and an Harvester

  • In “My game” there are usually 2 Tanks sometimes a harvester and other machines either near Fiskeback or between the Fnix main base and Tokeroid Farm

  • Between Beredskapsförråd 120 and Knarrebo Generators there is always much activity

  • Guteby Farm and surrounding areas

  • Minken command bunker and surround area

  • Angnas manor and surrounding area

  • Basically most of the South Coast, but the towns are usually empty or have little resistance,
    Kalleby is NO longer a Hot spot.

  • Farmlands…well most of farmlands have lots of machines, having even more machines than the South Coast, the only spot with no machines at all is the destroyed Village of Aso , don´t waste your time looking for combat there.

Mountain Region a difficult zone to pinpoint machines due to many hunters and runners squads moving around all the time

  • Although Angerås Church is on the South Coast, from there to Bockhyttan there are many machines, although just 1 or 2 Harvesters and a Tank if you are lucky (no longer Harvester alley anymore)
  • The Security Base near Muskudden Naval Base has some machines (not the Naval base though)
  • Granhojden Farm
  • From Damfallet(Mountains) to Garphammar(Marshlands) there are MANY runners and some Hunters around these parts, using Boomboxes or other Sound lures will attract 80% of the time many machines. (No Tanks though)
  • Appelbo farm surrounding area

Forest Region

  • IGA Factory facility has some runners and hunters, including in the bunker, and a Tank (before there were 2).
  • Granhygget has usually activity there and in surrounding areas
  • Villa Bergsutsikthus and Litorp usually have many machines
  • “Ostervik city” no longer has tanks or harvesters, but you can find some runners and hunters.

North Coast

  • The Alvaret area has a lot of machines and so does the surrounding areas of St Anna Church and Jarvhalan Safehouse


  • There are always many machines there and in the surrounding area of the Skvadern Command Bunker.
  • Rusksele Farm
  • Stenmyra Town
  • Norrmyra Artillery base
  • Borgakulan area

Anyone feel free to add other places if they have also many machines.


For guaranteed machine spawns: every relay beacon.

For example:

  • North of FOA2 (Marshlands), is a relay beacon that is guarded by 2x proto tanks + 1-2x proto runners.
  • NW of Alby Church (North Coast), is another relay beacon guarded by 1x proto tank.
  • West from Österviks Industriomrade (Farmlands) - relay beacon with 1x proto tank + 1x proto hunter.
  • NW from Stenbacka, Farmlands (or South from Myrdalsberget, North Coast) - another beacon with 1x mil tank guard.
  • South from Hammarbodarna (Himfjäll) - beacon with 1x apo tank + 1-2x apo runners + 1-2x FNIX runners.

Idea with all these beacons is, that you do not destroy the beacon. Only kill it’s guards. Since if you leave the relay beacon intact, it’s guards will respawn next time you Continue your game. Giving you a good source of machines, to level up the region.

Also, i listed all (as far as i can remember) relay beacons that have at least one tank guarding it, giving you highest region score boost, once the tank is killed.
Though, do note that tanks are capable of destroying the relay beacon they are guarding. And all it can take, is for tank to start running (e.g towards comm array lure or seeker), since tank runs with stomps, destroying the beacon if it happens to step next to a beacon.


Only problem is that with the solo game, at least for me, relay beacons do not respawn like in multiplayer. And since I shot them all before I knew not to shoot them, I now have not a single beacon to go to. I believe I have shot 55 relay beacons total. :satellite:


Yeah I too have destroyed all beacons. I’d be shocked if there were any left.

Check the locations mentioned above and Most of the Farmlands.
And don´t forget, after you “clear” a location it will take t least more than a Hour for the machines to respawn, i´m not sure

If you destroy a seeker with a melee weapon it’s almost certain that he will drop a Comm Array Lure. With that you can, guess what, lure more machines to the fight.

I for one appreciate any and all suggestions but the simple fact of the matter is the machines have completely, ridiculously, been NERFED.

“Hey, do you have any machines in your game about killing machines?”

I haven’t done MP for ages and my world was empty of relay beacons as well. However, November '20 update respawned all the relay beacons in my game. And knowing the trick with relay beacons since October '19 update (when Rivals came), i haven’t destroyed any since.

I suppose I will adopt that strategy, for any new beacon that will appear in the future. Why the difference in multiplayer (beacon respawn) and singleplayer (no beacon respawn)?

My best guess, it’s a bug left in the game code.

In perfect game, no relay beacon should ever respawn. And if all players would play solo, none would respawn, unless respawned by game update.

Following is speculation on my part:
When you play solo, game keeps track of relay beacons and which ones you’ve destroyed, so that when you Continue your game, relay beacons that you haven’t found, are generated in your game.
However, when you join MP game and host has his/hers relay beacons intact, your game client relay beacon counter gets overwritten by the counter host had. So, when you go back to your solo game, game generates the same amount of relay beacons in your solo game again.

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Exactly what she said @Gysbert
So to respawn them you have to play with someone who has most of the relay beacons still up and running.
That was how i got many of them to respawn, making things more fun.

I was trying to avoid going into the multiplayer. Keeping my game clean of any changes that might introduce problems. So far this worked out and the game gave me very little problems. I will stick to my strategy of no-multiplayer.


Not sure about “fixed” hotspots, like the old ANL 118 and Bockhyttan…
But I found one real hornet’s nest on the north-eastern corner of F23 Överby Air Base, just outside the fence.

There was a relay beacon right outside the fence, which could explain it.
The beacon was guarded by a FNIX Tank, a FNIX Harvester, 5 FNIX Runners and 4 FNIX Hunters.
In the field right beside them, there was an armada of 2 Apocalypse Harvesters and 3 FNIX Tanks, accompanied by probably 15 Hunters of the two top tiers.

The picture does not show them all!

I have deleted my characters and started a new game, so I was just lvl. 11.
I also hadn’t brought my KVM 59, just the AG4, so I considered simply avoiding them.

Nah, what the heck! The AG4 would have to do the job! Prepare to suffer, reload button!
I naturally went for the Harvesters first, and they managed to increase the Hunter army a good bit before I got them. Not sure about the final bodycount. The picture doesn’t even show half the battle.

3900 + 6800 XP took me halfway to lvl. 13 instantly. :star_struck:

(Notable loot: 5 crown AG4)


I have a really hard time finding any enemies these days. I have never been running around this much in this game encountering absolutely nothing.
Sure there are some ‘semi-safe’ locations, but to me it feels like they have messed up for players like myself that has played through all content and missions.

I kid you not, I spent at the very least 80% of my playtime now just looking for the enemy. That gets boring really fast.

Not only do they need to increase the general spawns, they need to be more random (get rid of the ridiculous fixed locations, or at the very least, don’t make them so bloody obvious), and they need to repopulate old mission areas (like bunkers, for example).

All the devs need to do, is reverting the change that overpopulated Farmlands.

Check the locations in my guide, and most of Farmlands is our playground of destruction.

Couldn´t they just add some machines to other locations but in lesser number than the ones present on Farmlands?
That would be the ideal solution.
I remember that before December 2019 there were machines in most places, you were never safe (archipelago does not count).