Best / Favorite weapon list

What are your favorites weapons? Here is my list and why:

  1. Exp. 50 cal. Seriously, this thing will destroy everything faster than anything else. Aim, shoot, repeat.
  2. Gold HP5. Close cluster, rapid fire. Nice.
  3. Exp. AG4. Fire bullets are fun!
  4. Exp. Bazooka. 2 for 1! No explanation needed.
  5. Algstudsaren (the moose bouncer). Feels nice to pick off dogs at a distance with precision shoots.
  6. Gold AI 76. Feels powerful although I’m not sure it is.

Useless: all handguns, Sjokvist shotgun, any shotgun. Messer hunting rifle, Kpist, that other machine gun.

Sjöqvist shotgun is my main :stuck_out_tongue:, (with the Älgstudsare).

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Ex Klaucke is actually handy dealing with ticks and runners at close combat
Golden Messer hunting rifle is as good as Algstudsaren
Ex shotgun is useful to interrupt enemy actions
Agree with the rest of “best” guns list.

i personally love the magnus for its high damage and ability to one shot runners


Experimental rocket launcher is just as useless as regular one. Experimental Klaucke is op against tanks (strafe and shoot, get emp, go behind and unload)

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My top 3;

  1. AG4
    For me, it’s the single best weapon in the game. It has high damage per bullet (highest of all assault rifles), it’s precise with manageable recoil, it has a powerful sound when firing it, has both the semi and fully auto fire, there’s plenty of ammo for it in the game world (7.62mm) and it’s also the only assault rifle that can use 4-8x scope. AG4 is perfect balance between assault rifle and sniper rifle. Only downside of AG4 is it’s somewhat small mag size (20) which can be remedied with mag mod (5* mag mod = 35x rounds per clip).
    I use my AG4 with 4-8x scope for mid to long range sniping. Common targets: hunters, harvs, tanks.
  2. HP5
    My close combat weapon. Good fire rate, semi and fully auto fire, plentiful ammo (9mm SMG), good accuracy with minimal recoil and good clip size as well with 5* mag mod (45x rounds).
    Common targets: ticks, seekers, runners.
  3. .50 cal
    My long range sniper rifle. Great damage, good clip size (18x rounds with 5* mag mod) and semi auto fire (or fully auto if you click very fast).
    It’s my go to weapon when dealing with hunters. Common targets: runners, hunters, tanks.

Honorable mentions
m/49 - I use it against groups of enemies, e.g runner/hunter packs.
Glock 17 with silencer - Good secondary weapon for silent kills. Only downside: can’t take scope and vision mod.
.44 Magnum with IR/OPV vision mod - I use it to scout the immediate area around me with IR or OPV vision. Great for finding destroyed machines during night or in dense shrubs.


The .50 cal is great as a sniper as well as a close to mid range combat rifle. FNIX and apo hunters go down more easily.

I ditched the Exp Klaucke as apo ticks appeared. I just cannot hit those buggers, they are too agile.

I ditched side arms altogether as I found too much ammo for them and hence too little 7.62.

some could say your choices for weapons are useless. my 15k+ kills were mostly shotty and klauke pistol kills, js.


Side Arm: Magnus, 1 shot runners, reliable damage for medium/larger enemies, best side arm in the game
Battle rifle: EXP AG4 though having the same damage as the AI-76 lacking that burst fire was what made me prefer the AI for a long time, but now that the EXP version has a burn over time effect i quite like the whole fire and forget approach you can have towards crowd control
(though when it comes to the general feel or look of the gun i pick the AG5)
Sniper: EXP PVG, a freakin rail gun, that’s all i gotta say
Shotgun: Sjokvist, more reliable in terms of damage potential, great for ripping armor off tanks/harvys
SMG: EXP Kpist mostly just as a cqc weapon, overdrive really shines in cqc situations
LMG: KVM 59, highest DPS gun in game, it’s a genuine beast
RPG: just the typical GRG for me, i only find the burst fire of the EXP version useful for HEDP, but i rarely find myself using the GRG for explosive rounds, more so emp or smoke in MP sessions

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Aesyle, pretty much the same for me, except I haven’t used the HP5 for ages, since I use the AG4 in mid/close range with red dot. Do you find it managable to use it with that 4x8 scope?

Am also using the .44 exactly like that, best scouting weapon/tool in the game imho!

I’m also a fan of the grg, ever since I realised it’s best use - to take out a whole pack of runners at once, and against hunters. I almost never use it against tanks anymore, hoping the devs will release AP rounds for it sometime in the future.

Since i have sniper build with skills to semi-auto fire and component damage, i use my AG4 to accurately hit machine’s components. I mainly use AP rounds but when i’m low on AP, then FMJ as well.

For close combat, the 4x zoom is a bit much but i prefer to keep distance between me and machines (so, i won’t be surrounded). Close combat can’t be avoided entirely and for that, i have my HP5.

Interesting fact about HP5.
When game launched, Kpist had the lower dmg per bullet than HP5 but less recoil, higher RoF and bigger mag. Making HP5 better SMG when it comes to the dmg per bullet, if you can handle it’s recoil. At some point, devs switched the dmg per bullet around and now, Kpist has the dmg per bullet HP5 used to have. :angry:
This is still seen from GZ wiki where weapon stats are unchanged,

6* m/49 wastes ammo against runners since it takes only 1x HE rocket to drop a runner, wasting 2nd shot. Unless you aim 1st shot too low where 2nd shot hits. But it’s great against hunters. One salvo is enough to drop FNIX hunters, if you hit with both rockets.

I found a couple of EMP rounds a while back. And then never again. Although I must have gotten hundreds of HEDP.

I don’t quite get this. How much time delay has your second shot? My 2 shots basically fire at the same time.

Besides that the Exp GRG has a higher AoE, no? Making it more suitable for taking out groups of runners.

It’s not the delay of 2nd shot but the recoil that fires 2nd shot higher than 1st one. So, if you aim 1st one at the target, 2nd shot can overshoot if you’re relatively far away. Also, it takes only 1x HE rocket to kill runner or pack of runners, where 2nd HE rocket shot by 6* m/49 is uselessly wasted.

@pegnose Man i know what you’re saying, i’ve literally never seen a chaff round, even though they apparently exist in game.
So what I do to keep rare ammo like the emp rockets stocked is I use the ammo packs instead of relying on RNG to farm them, when I do my ammo runs I always put a pack or two away to use specifically for the emp rockets. I find the easiest way to get started on stocking them is to find a set off a FNIX tank. Back in the day you could get lucky and get a couple stacks of emp rockets off them, but now i find it’s like 1 in 20 will drop one, then you just get started with the ammo pack method.
Hopefully RNGjesus will gift ya a emp rocket or two over the holidays here so you can get started :smiley:

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To get chaffrounds you simply use a Ammo pack when your launcher is empty. =)


Hm i’ll have to try that out, never thought of using a pack on an empty launcher. thanks for the tip @Znurrad!

This is awesome! I had no idea chaff was still a thing!
Edit: It might say “non-damaging” on the tin but it still went off with a bang and blew the runners to bits :confused: I’m doing it wrong.

Indeed, I noticed that early on when I played this game about chaffrounds, ammopack and the grg, but didn’t understand what the ammo was used for at the time. So… what is it used for? :smiley:

I’ve killed so many FNIX tanks…

But I find throwable EMPs more useful anyways as it is much faster than ammo swapping with the GRG. And whatever reason I want to use EMPs for, it is always a close-range action.

I would swear on my mother that the delay for the second shot depends on frame rate then as it is basically impossible for me to see second shots. That also explains why my second shot never misses as there is virtually no difference in angle.

And I am super sure that the AoE of Exp GRG is higher. I suddenly started hurting myself when I started using it.

I know I may be late af to this topic, but here is my list:

1.The Experimental PVG 50 is the absolute best, so I agree with you on that one.

2.The 5 Star AI-76 is an extremely hard hitter imo, though it rips pretty quick through mags, so i’d advise someone to go “ammo hunting” for 7.62.

  1. 5 Star HP5, it’s very powerful but I just don’t like SMGs as much as ARs, hence why it’s only on 3rd place, still one of my favs.

  2. Now this place is shared by both the Experimental Klaucke and the 5 star Möller, both are very good pistols against ticks, runners and those flying spotting robots, plus you can find ammo for both literally anywhere.

  3. Experimental Granatgevär, I just don’t like explosive weapons in general.

  4. Would be the 5 star magnus, though .44 ammo is not as easy to find from my experience.