Best / Favorite weapon list

My top 3

  1. 5* AG-4.Perfect rifle for any situation
  2. 6* Klaucke 17.For CQB
  3. 6* PVG90.Nice and deadly on the middle and long distances.
    With all this arsenal I am King of the Hill;))
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I know i have posted a lot today (and did not realize some people have already posted the things i have posted) but what is your favorite weapon in the game currently.
PS: I do not know why, i like any exceptional weapon.

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My binoculars … :wink:

Edit: No, sorry, that was cheap :smile: My favorite is the 6* PVG followed by my 5* AI-76 or 5* HP5 :+1:


AG4 then the 50cal, and 9mm.


Gas tank , and a 1 bullet from any weapon :grin: aye


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6* Pvg + 5* mag + full optic
5* AI-76 + 5* mag + 5* bar ext

I definitely have two impact sites, one higher than the other. The two rounds fire maybe .2 seconds apart so the recoil from the first shot drives the second shot higher.

I am with you on this. With the 4X8 scope, and a 5* mag extender, it is a beast. The only area where it might fall a little short is really close range.

Kinda late to this Topic :sweat_smile:

80 % of the time:

  • Experimental PVG 90 ( great against tanks and Apoc Hunters)
  • Both of the AG4 versions (great against anything)
  • Älgstudsare Rifle (good at sniping runners)
  • Experimental 12 G with birdshot ammo (underrated to most people, but great dealing with hunters and harvesters at close range)
  • Experimental Klaucke 17, good to deal with ticks and a fast backup option when you you need those extra bullets quickly with both primary weapons empty)

You know that it’s either A. or B.

A. You got loads of 9mm pistol ammo
B. You only have 9mm pistol ammo left

when you go out with the 6* Klaucke and kill a Fenix Tanks after ~750 rounds (need a new mouse soon :slight_smile: )

12G pump with slug ammo. Great medium range sniper rifle. Lol and hard hitting precision shots.

Level 5 AG5 with armor piercing rounds. For up close. Amazing handling with a perk upgrade. Great grouping.

Toss up between the mauser (I can’t spell) with metal tip ammo and the 50 Cal. For long range.

Side arms became obsolete to me as because of the thousands of rounds I find for everything else.

I’ve been off for a while (As in a really long time) and I’ve come back to see how this game has changed and developed over the past (maybe) 6 months. First off, I’m going to start with weapons. The last I remember my favorite weapons were the Pansarvarnsgevar 90, a powerful sniper rifle. Then, the AI-76 and HP5 with their plentiful ammo. The worst weapon overall is probably the KVM 89 Squad Machine Gun. Sure, it holds tons of ammo (Almost literally) but it does near to no damage and the ammo seems to slip between my fingers. Any recommendations?

I also like the Experimental Kpist and Automatgevar 4

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Hey folks. :slight_smile:

I’m having a hard time deciding which assault weapon I like best.
It’s tempting to just say 6* KVM 59, and that’s it, but I’m not sure.
That weapon has an obvious downside where it electrocutes you as well if you stand too close to what you’re shooting at, and it zaps your health bar in the blink of an eye if you’re not careful!
It’s main upside is the huge magazine, although it seems impossible for me to find anything better than a 3* ext. mag, that’s still 170 rounds pr. reload. Far better than any assault rifle!
The 6* AG 4 would be my second option, but I’m not sure what would make it a better choice. Maybe it’s better suited for a sneaky, hit n’ run playstyle rather than going Rambo with an LMG?

But that’s just the experimentals. There are 5 other top-tier assault weapons to choose from.
Which ones do you prefer using, and why?

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I haven’t got the KVM but the experimental AG4 is good I use it as my main weapon and with the exp sniper in the second slot they make a deadly duo, If it has an extended mag you can sometimes kill a hunter with one clip. I also use the AG5 sometimes as my “special forces” weapon, I use acog sights on AG4 but on my AG5 i use a rifle scope so i can use thermal and OPV vis. I also am a fan of the exp kipist, you can get so much fire out with the ammo upgrade its insane (51 bullets). There is no “best” gun just the gun that suits your playstyle best.

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I know there is no “best” gun, that’s why I asked what players prefer. :wink:
I carry:
6* KVM 59 - 5* compensator, 3* ext. magazine, no scope.
6* PVG 90 - 5* ext. magazine, 5* 6-12 scope + full vision module.
6* Kpist - 5* compensator, 5* ext. magazine, no scope. (Keep a silencer in inventory.)
5* 12 ga. Pump Shotgun or 5* Sjöqvist - 5* choke, no scope.
5* .44 Magnus - 5* silencer, no scope.
I sometimes bring along a silenced Älgstudsare as a secondary sniper rifle, to silently take out the small machines, which can be really fun. :slight_smile:
As you can see, I don’t like scopes on automatic weapons. And with skillpoints spent on recoil handling, I really believe iron sights gives you a much better view of what you’re shooting at, but that’s just my opinion.
I agree that a silenced AG 5 with maybe a 1-4 scope could be a good stealth weapon. :slight_smile:

Especially when you use the thermal and OPV vis

I carry the experimental KVM 59, Pvg 90, Kpist SMG and the AG 4. All experimental’s, I use them in different situations. I originally thought the Pvg 90 wasn’t any better than the 5*, but it is, by a long shot. I also have a 5AG 5 and a 5 rocket launcher but I don’t carry them around. The rocket launcher doesn’t do as much damage as I think it should.