Beta test group for patches before deployment


I recommend a select group of people , from consoles and pc , be allowed to beta test a patch before it is released , a carefully selected group of perhaps 100 from each platform could be helpful and prudent.

The new patch update 1.05

Such a group already exists, though it is not as big as you suggested :slight_smile:


if it was to include more people , i would be interested in volunteering for sure, and others too , there are alot of loyal fans that would like to help the best they can.


They said something about opening the group to more members, don’t know where they stand with that idea right now


here is hoping that it goes well :smiley:


@ who did they hire Stevie Wonder?


Not hired, volunteers. Among others, that would be me.


Why did the beta tester not find crashes on start up or when looting?


Even if we had 1000 testers, we can’t find all possible crash causes.


that is true , but you will have more data to help


Is there any PS4 (not pro version) which can start/continue the game? I would also volunteer for beta testing.


I’ll ask them about adding more people to the beta testers!


In iOS Development we like to write UITests to automatically test the happy paths of the program flow to see if something is completely off very early during development. I don’t know if this is possible in game development.


More than happy to volunteer for the XBox side as I have access to both S and X models (well when I get my replacement One-X in the next couple of days)


I’d Like to be an Beta too for the ps4pro😎
The Game has a Lot of potential so lets go :kissing_smiling_eyes:


They should be able to reproduce the giant issues still at large with the clipping into building and now loot almost non existent


I’d Like to be an Beta testet for PS4. This Game hat a lot of potential and I like it. You make a good work so keep it up.:ok_hand:


So I asked about opening the Testing group and they said it’s something that they want to do, but have no time to focus on right now. Too busy putting out fires, I guess :smiley: But if you can wait a little while, I’m sure that some of you will get a chance to join us in testing!


It’s one of the few games that I would consider doing this for (used to beta test a lot of development and rendering packages in the past.)

Also the guys do seem to need a bit of assistance at the moment.


I really would like to help you guys out!