Bike Race side mission Fnix rising



As the titel says its some spoilers in this.


The mission In the face of Adversity.
I gett to the point as i have to drive the bike trow 2 conteiners and after that i cant get any direktion of next checkpoint. and the timer is only 45 sek from her i think its the 6 point i cant get from.

The robots are spawning every where and i die fast i have tried it on lowest difficulty as well as i just want it done its my last mission i have in the dlc. so have any one done it and can guide me to how to do it?

Is "In The Face Of Adversity" supposed to be impossible?

I havent completed it yet, but check the map when that happens. You need to be quick :wink:


I am also stuck on this mission. Next time I will do it this way: I walk the entire route on foot and I eliminate every robot on the path and then I take the bike. Don’t forget to put a radio on the starting line :wink:


I did it now. tok me allot of trys and error to get it done.


i hade allot of luck one time around think its my 20 time doing it.
The mission way points after the dubbel conteiner did not show up for me and it was not on the map ither so i just kept on riding the bike i hade some tanks in the way and harvesters and hunters. i finaly got to the drop of conteiner and run in and got the loot and price.
1 adrenalin and a load of first-aid was what it took. im not sure if you can get this done on gerilla i did mine on skirmish and it was ruff. lvl 4 rival fnix tank in the end and an mission related tank so bring guns =P


keep going you will get


Ajusted topic title for clarity and added spoiler tags. I managed the race on the second try. I fell over once, but managed to heal up and keep going. The tank at the end was a bit crazy, but it was easy enough to bypass since it was on the finish line. The reward was well-worth the effort, though.


They made another race side mission? Does it have a timer?


It does have a timer, but you have to run through checkpoints which adds time. There are also hindrances on the path, you have to go through containers and around cars at a few spots, and Machines spawn nearby to give you a bad time.


I know there has been a survey from the devs about possible future content to be added to GZ, but I don’t remember a “more bicycle races” option. Which of you was that? :joy:


Certainly was not me :sweat_smile:
I would prefer a side mission about clearing bunkers, or a daily continuous side mission about clearing a Heavily defended area from machines ( like clearing a Large Naval base from 7 harvesters, 5 tanks, 15/20 Hunters and 40/50 dogs).


Ridiculous side mission. Seems it has some mission spawned enemies, some that just randomly spawn those areas and random patrol. Tried this mission couple of times, and came to conclusion that its not the worth of wasted time and medical supplies.

Its pure amazement how could anyone stay alive whole that course.

Dunno if you could just place bicycle near the end with field radio. Go start line, spawn bike, fast travel to your field radio. Hop on into other bike, cross finishing line.

This is what i call bad mission design. Why would mission criteria be just luck and waste of time. Where is the fun part, rinse and repeat now days considered as fun activity.


Not us either. Furthermore we did not ask for more “defend something” missions but yeah, it’s there. And not talking about that disaster babysitting mission at the end, stopped playing for couple of days because of frustration from that particular mission.

IMHO Avalanche should hire a proper screenwriter.


I liked it abit, and as xezr wrote, the reward was well worth it. But yeah its was hard, and that last tank had the guts to kick me off my bike right before the finish line!

Can you believe it??!?!!? He payed dearly of course, and then didn’t dare to show himself the next time :wink:

But yeah, the Alpine unrest was cool becuase it was riding a bike downhill in a slalom slope. Just htat idea is awesome. This one was more just a “ride your bike amongst machines”. And very hard to find the checkpoints after checkpoint 2. My compass went heywire. Also the checkpoint where you had to drive INSIDE the containers. Sure might have been too easy otherwise, but it took me 2-3 tries just to understand that this was the checkpoint, and yes I am on the right track.

(I’m playing with world POI’s off, maybe thats why I had som trouble with that?!?!?)


When you’ll drive towards Åsötungan Outpost just keep going, until you’ll see a shipping container on the right with a POI icon on it - that’s the end of the mission.


Hello, I did this mission but the benchmarks present a bug or the difficulty of finding the intermediate points. A member of the FR community helped me by making a MAP plan on the direction to go




I have just finished this mission, what can I say, the final reward is worth all the efforts made :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I finished this bike ride after 10 tries or so. Had some unfortunate collisions with runners and was kicked of my bike by the Harvester. :sunglasses:


Does finishing this bike run open up another mission or just give you a bunch of stuff. Wouldn’t mind a spoiler of what stuff.


Here’s my success “race” if anyone is interested how it can be done:

I’m not even going to say how many tries it took me to finally finish this mission…

Bunch of stuff and that kind of stuff that you can not get from anywhere else, except after finishing this mission.


Between the unwieldly bike, fast travel point miles away, tight timers, bugged objective markers and reliance on good enemy spawn (or lack of), this mission seems like it’s nearly impossible.

Am I missing something or do you just have to retry hundreds of times?