Bike Race side mission Fnix rising

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@bongoloid if you look above, i posted a “success” video of that mission. Though, so far, it was the most tedious (not the hardest) mission i’ve done in GZ.

I just kept going. Video attached for ref.

Seems harder on the PS4, at least much harder to steer that is for sure

I find it sad, one HAS to do that, to get 100%… :frowning:
Never liked bicycles, thus I do not do that one.
But that severely hampers me…

Ah well.

It’s not that hard. Even I can do it. :innocent:

It’s out of principle, sir. :slight_smile:
I do not think they belong.
Not doing Melee ones either, sir. :slight_smile:

Route is somewhat badly marked, its like trial & error to figure it out.
RNG roaming robots + mission spawned can make it idiotic at most times.

Reward after that bike mission total uter waste of time. (I dont count any value to vanity or cosmetic items)

Its just ammo & weapons what i remember.

If you don’t finish it, you have a constant source of enemies to farm.

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I hate annoying crap like this, but I gave it a try anyway. I had wrongly assumed, that just getting across the bridge was enough, NOPE! A mission is a mission, not something that constructs itself as you are doing it. Needless to say you have NO IDEA what the correct turns are you should take. I am not going to do this by trial and error, so are there any bad reasons for not completing once I started it? I didn’t die or anything, I got passed all the robots and obstacles without an issue, I just do not feel like starting over because the mission is so terribly constructed. Thoughts?

The main grief of that mission is the incredibly tight time frame you have. If devs would extend the time needed to reach each checkpoint or completely remove the time constraint, it would make the mission far less tedious. Though, the awkward bike controls, jumps and machines on the route still make it pain to do.


This is exactly why I don’t do this mission.

This and the truck escort mission are not well thought through in my opinion.

Oh no, the truck escort mission is like it? Ugggh, I have been delaying on that one too. I guess I will just go on dog and reeper hunting trips on my own for a while, until I feel the need to go further.

JUST…in case you want to visualise the route itself before hand I did do a recording of it. Happy to PM you the link if needed

I been tiring this mission for two months, and now I have Hunter and runner even before the first check point, last go I have 4 hunters and 6 Runners, and the bit where you go through the container and ramp I had again loads of Runner and Hunter they just shot me to bits, when I first started the mission there was only a few machines to contend with, most of my problems was falling off the bike, trying to ride up the ramps.
Anyone else getting the same problem, like they increased the difficulty to the mission or it get more difficult the more time you try and complete it, I even leaved off the mission for a while see if that made a difference, but no. looks until I complete it cannot get an other main or side missions.

That was enlightening, I always tried to go through the container, and I think I missed the turning you took. :blush:

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glad you nailed it bud, it’s a fun challenge.

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Tip: before starting to do the race, go and walk the route and kill anything you see. This thins out the machine amount quite a lot along the route. Also, playing on Adventure has highest success chances since machines have terrible view range and their bullets doesn’t damage you much either.

Having this mission uncompleted doesn’t interfere in any way of the main mission progress.

I cant stay on the bike and crash into everything possible so just left the mission.

Yeah, that’s part of the clunky bike mechanics and jumps within the route.

“In the Face of Adversity” isn’t the hardest mission in the game but for sure, it is the most tedious one.
Here’s how i did it: Bike Race side mission Fnix rising - #19 by Aesyle

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As you say its very tedious, I gave up after 8 or 9 attempts and there’s plenty of other things to do :grinning: