Bike Race side mission Fnix rising

There are a few other snags that still seem to be there since the FNIX Rising DLC. I’ve a video showing the actual route incase you need a visual at the same time.

Managed to complete it thanks to your video.

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Well, I finished it… but to tell you the truth, it nearly finished the Game (as in Rage Quit) for me. There are just too many variables that are beyond the player’s control.

And, yes, the reward is… underwhelming.

Also, this is the first time I really had a use for the Field Radio/Fast Travel gizmo. Imagine my surprise when it quit working after, what, 3 or 4 uses??

Anyway… rage subsiding.


  • s.west

It does say that it has limited uses in it’s description. 3 uses normally, or 6 uses when you have Commander specialization active.

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Yeah… I didn’t look. I just assumed that, once it was placed, it was good until you ended the session.

Anyway, I was frustrated, and that was one small addition to it.

Thanks for responding.

  • s.west
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This is such an awful mission. Did any one play test this? Why would they make a bike race on such a busy street? You’re constantly getting shot at and chased the whole time. And half the time I go up those ramps my bike does a wheelie mid air and I fall off.

I had such a perfect run today, never falling off, not getting bumped around by enemies, getting to each checkpoint with ample time, and then I got to Asotungan or whatever it’s called. I got stunlocked by three runners in a mosh pit. Such an awful mission. Is there anyway to cheese this like you can Unorthodox Skiing? These bike mechanics are driving me insane.

I would just ignore this mission if it was a one off, but you need to complete it to unlock a bunch more missions.

I play with a buddy of mine so we double teamed it. It took us 2 tries, the second try he was ahead so I jumped off the bike and played interference, clearing mobs that were attacking us while he finished the race.

Yes, and loved it.
You could kill them before riding the race.

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Did this change? The last time I tried this mission, I cleaned the whole area of every machine but when I started the race all of a sudden there were machines at certain points. I had the feeling, there were some GZ-typical spawn-machines. But the last time I did this race is more then a year ago. I usually ignore it nowadays.

The “kill everything before” tactic didn’t work when I played this mission. There are some machines that spawn in every time you start the mission.

What you can do is to get a overview over the area and maybe get rid of any harvester or tank that might roam around nearby, but there will always be some spawning in.

If you play single player, this is frustrating because you might have a perfect run and then a doggy knocks you off the bike.

After repeating to mission countless times I came to these conclusions:
Set difficulty to adventure.
Make sure you are 100% healed at start.
Learn the set up points for the jumps, so you can go in a as straight line as possible.
When you do the container to container transition, let go of the accelerator (don’t break) and nudge the controller to the right to make the turn/transition.
And, as soon as something fails, abort the mission and head back to the start (field radios come in handy)

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After clearing out the machines and about an hour later, I finally completed it. After the machines were gone, no more spawned in but I had to face a much more difficult enemy.

The last obstacle before the second objective is a burnt out flatbed truck with a flaming ramp on its side that leads to a burnt out car. 99% of my fails happened when I went up the ramp, because every time I tried going up it my bike would crash into the car’s windshield and send me overboard. Eventually it just didn’t happen and that ended up being my successful run.

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When I did this there wasn’t even a bike at the start point like now. I had to get one from a safehouse near by. I think I first started the race without killing drove as far as I could and when failed and walked back to the start point, killing any enemy on the route back, and tried again I don’t think they respawned for me. I needed 11 tries to learn the best route and where i could avoid obstacles.

I finished this mission with my third try.
First there was a tank just in the middle of the street.
Second a runner jumped me off of my bike.
The third run just was perfect.

But this mission was really hard indeed.