Binoculars not showing correct health of robots

Im currently playing on PC and i have recently got the skill upgrade that allows you to see the health of the robot through the binoculars but after some testing I soon found out that it was highly inaccurate. For example I fought a tank that said it had 70% health left but i shot one time with a rocket and it died. I’ve had this happen to me mostly when fighting tanks and harvesters but i’m not sure if its true for other robots.

Hi, I notized the same. I think the health we see is the overall health. The sum of all components inclusive armor health. But to kill a machine you only have to destroy the important parts.
Feedback for devs: Please split the current health into the health of only the key components and armor health.That would make it easier for player to understand how to fight the machines.
Also important to know: If you find a blueprint of a machine type (eg runner prototype tier) the binocular will show you not only the overall health but the name, location and health of each component.

As far as I know a Machine’s health status is dependant on which parts of it are damaged. If you keep damaging critical components, it’s health goes down in chunks. It doesn’t always seem to be working though. It’s an issue that’s been brought up before, but it’s important nonetheless so thanks for reporting it.

@Dantec That’s good feedback, feel free to post it in the Feedback and Requests forum :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will do so. Maybe adding pictures would help too.

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I did some test regarding this tipic.

Test object: Prototype Runner
The runner has 10 components as far as I can see.
Brennstoffzelle (Fuel cell)
Optik (Optic)
Achsantrieb 1 (Drive axle)
Achsantrieb 2 (Drive axle)
Maschinenpistole (Submachinegun)
Panzerung Rumpf (Armor belly)
Panzerung Bein 1 (Armor leg)
Panzerung Bein 2 (Armor leg)
Panzerung Bein 3 (Armor leg)
Panzerung Bein 4 (Armor leg)

Maybe there is a Hydraulic pump somewhere but on the pics I took it didn’t appeare.

Now I shot off its Submachinegun with a single sniper shot and the following status was shown:
Brennstoffzelle (Fuel cell): 78%
Optik (Optic): 78%
Achsantrieb 1 (Drive axle): 78%
Achsantrieb 2 (Drive axle): 78%
Maschinenpistole (Submachinegun): 0%
Panzerung Rumpf (Armor belly): 100%
Panzerung Bein 1 (Armor leg): 100%
Panzerung Bein 2 (Armor leg): 100%
Panzerung Bein 3 (Armor leg): 100%
Panzerung Bein 4 (Armor leg): 100%

In the upper right hand corner it says it has a remaining overall health of 85%
Lets do some calculation:
(78+78+78+0+78+100+100+100+100+100)/10 = 81,2 %

So maybe here is actually something wrong with calculation or there are some components like Hydraulic pump or Head armor with still 100%.
(but even with those two additional components at 100% I would only get 84,3%)

Meybe the devs can look into this issue.
I made the suggestion to split the Status here:
Split machines health status for “Spotting intel” skill

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