Bipods. Or: how to make machineguns fun

So a feature that was missing for a long time has been added to the game: going prone. This is something that makes me very happy, but it leads to other ideas.

For me, the machine guns haven’t been very useful and haven’t felt very distinct. Put one and one together and we have a pretty enticing solution. Rebalance the machine guns to pack more of a punch, but also MUCH more recoil. This will be eleviated by going prone and deploying bipods.
Perhaps, as is the case in reality, you’ll no longer be able to aim down sights while standing or crouching.

What do you guys think of such a solution?

i think like Battlefield 4, when you go prone the you fold out the bipod to support the machinegun and when you stand up the bipod folds in again, but i think this whould be optional, like an atachment


My vision is simple - bipods anchors both machinegun and you, deploy/packing needs time, there’s virtually no recoil, but you are immobilized - all that makes you very vulnerable, since GZ gunplay is about mobility. High risk, high reward mechanic. I didn’t played any other Apex Engine games to say for sure if engine can recognize suitable surfaces to deploy bipods, as it was implemented in Payday2 and Squad, e.g. not only prone (or with some fineese in PD2 - sitting, because there’s no prone), but also on table/sandbags in front of you or windowsill.

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Discussion of that idea is in here: Deployable sentry turret and more Traps and what i thought of it is also written in there.

Yeah, the more basic approach is as it was done if Day of Defeat, meaning that it deploys on any surface as long as you’re prone.

Instead of adding a bipod mechanics maybe it would be easier to simply reduce recoil and increase accuracy on some guns while being prone?

I personally think that hitting anything with PVG while standing should be impossible.

But that leads inevitably to weapons weight… :roll_eyes:

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Yes please. That would actually give a reason to go prone! :slight_smile:

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