Bots should react to sounds like explosions and church bells

I strongly believe that robots should react to explosions, church bells and other high volume sounds within their hearing range (200+ metres?), making them investigate the source.

A silenced weapon (at a distance) firing at a wall/car/whatever in close proximity to a robot should make the bot curious why the wall is suddenly making sounds as the bullet ricochet off it.

It doesnt feel natural the way it is now, they seem hard-wired to ignore all other sounds except seeker sirens, humans and human gun-fire (unsilenced).
Even if i toss a grenade, bots beyond about 20m or so will completely ignore the sudden boom.

When i engage a cluster of bots with a silenced weapon, most of the time only the enemy im hitting will react.
Even if a runners fuel tank goes boom, his pals a few metres away seem to completely ignore it.


Machines, namely runners, will react to the source of bullet hitting the ground, when you snipe one but miss.

I’ve used this trick to turn around runners greater than proto, so that they turn their behind towards me, where i have a clear shot to their fuel tank.


Oh, i did not know that…
Thanks for enlightening me :slight_smile:

I tried to lure a non-aggro (white light) hunter to step out from behind the corner of a building so i could get a clear shot, but he totally ignored me, turned around and walked away…

Perhaps i was´nt hitting close enough or perhaps it only works with runners…
In any case, i believe this “feature” could use some polishing, not on the top of the priority list by a long shot, but its not at the bottom ether (at least not in my book :slight_smile: )

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Could be.

And what also could be, is that latest update did something to machines as well, where they ignore suspicious sounds. E.g tank’s rocket salvo got reduced a lot. :face_with_monocle: Either that, or FNIX is running into ammo supply issue and orders machines to conserve ammo. :grin:

That is not quite compatible with my experience…

Its true, they come when you use lures (boombox for instance) jump up and down, run around or ride the bike near them.

But every time ive tested the bike bell as a lure, the bots seem to ignore it until they react to my precence, not the bell sound.

They have consistently ignored my church bells, church organs, exploding cars, runner gas tanks and so on, if something blows up then apparently its “someone elses job to care” if you ask the average bot on my map.

It worked just fine on Ps4 yeasterday. Put a few bullets in the Bell and played the organ. After a while runners from a close by beacon that i saved came to investigate. But no one else. But the entire area was dead except for the beacon. Don’t destroy them because the bots respawn when you start the game.

I second that idea - combine it with bots reacting to light and we’re getting somewhere…

I’d love to see a more tactical approach to environmental conditions, such as using light and darkness, sounds and silence as things that attract or dissuade robots.
You want to be left alone: Sneak around at night, shoot or switch off lights, turn off your flashlight, avoid loud weapons and explosive charges.
You want to get dangerous: Blast gas tanks, use shotguns without silencers, leave the lights on, use your flashlight to shine the bots directly in their faces while taunting them with Swedish disco dance moves.

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Ive been testing a bit and it seems my initial impression was a bit off…

I was on a elevated position, in prone mode and used silenced pistol, trying to attract attention from robots.
Shots that hit within about 2 metres of hunters and runners did increase the aggro meter (from none to a thin white mark, increasing to yellow after about 10 or so rounds), but none of the bots reacted in any other way.

I´ll keep poking it and see what more i can come up with… :slight_smile:

And yes, bots SHOULD react to moving lights AND stationary lights that gets switched on or off.