Brazilian portuguese translation to the game

Hi developers;

My name is Paulo, and I worked on the first unofficial Brazilian Portuguese translation of the game Darkwood. I believe that your team is already working on translating the dialogues and notes available across the map, however it makes me available to streamline the process if you need help from a native.

My contact is;

I look forward to this update, I thank you for your attention.


Good effort Paulo. We like to see contributions. :grin:

Hi my name is Alexandre.
Is there a provision to place a caption in Portuguese-Brazil?
I know a lot of people who play and it would be a wonderful experience to understand the history of the game.

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Well, for the backstory of GZ, you can look here where i composed most of the main story (just click on the “Story timeline” to expand it),
link: Let's talk alpine unrest

But giving all that within forum in any other language than English, isn’t allowed since GZ forums are solely and strictly in English.

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@Aesyle good work


Hello, I’m Brazilian and I bought the game. But it is not translated into Brazilian Portuguese and that is frustrating. Brazilians are one of the biggest consumers of games and you don’t translate the game. This is disappointing


Before you buy a game, make sure it has been translated into your preferred language.

For example, in Steam, languages supported are written clearly:

According to the top 100 countries by Game Revenues as of 2019, Brazil is #13, while China is #1, USA is #2 and Japan is #3.

However, that alone isn’t a factor since for example, Republic of Korea is #4 but there is no Korean language support in GZ.


Coloque legendas em Português do Brasil.

As per Code of Conduct - Forums,

English only
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E aprender um pouco de Inglês nao? A maior parte dos jogos são em inglês assim como séries e filmes…
I really don´t understand how in the 21st century gamers don´t understand English, the Universal game language

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Please add vehicles that can be assembled with scrap pieces found on the Mad Max style map would be really cool and new pistols would also include Brazilian Portuguese subtitles please, the game is famous here.

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I’m looking to make a series on my channel and play this game with my friends, but we like games in Portuguese from Brazl or Portugal, if you can translate even if it is a translation done by Google.

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Good afternoon, you could add the translation in Portuguese Brazil, because there are many Brazilians who enjoy the game and do not speak English

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It would be a good initiative to learn English.

Eu carlos augusto não estou jogando Generation zero porque não esta traduzido para ( Portugues brasil)
voces poderiam traduzir o jogo sim lança um update de tradução para Portugues brasil.

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