BUG: Cant Start Alpine Unrest DLC (XBOX)


Steps To Reproduce:
Start game and walk to the forest region

Images / Videos:
Screen shot showing I have no mission to start the DLC

Screen Shot of the Safe House also not unlocking at the docks (Lennart’s Marine AB)

Host or Client:

Players in your game:
Just me

I have been walking around the Forest Region for an hour now and get no prompt to start the Alpine DLC (Not Alone Mission). I have no missions left in the game and finished all missions long ago. I’ve tried rebooting the console several times but the mission just wont show up.

I can confirm that the DLC is active in my game as I’ve killed Apocalypse enemies on the main land and have the Ski Apparel. Side Note: I realised that the Safe House at the docks (Lennart’s Marine AB) doesnt unlock after entering the shed. I was able to loot the dead NPC and use my storage box there but no safe house unlocked.

EDIT: I’ve just started playing with a friend that only just bought the game and the DLC (he’s never played it before) and when we got to Vesslan Bunker the Not Alone mission popped up in his game as we completed all the Intro missions. When looking at the mission in the log though it says that only the host will save progress for the DLC mission (not me).

As I said we started together on his new fresh game ,me on my 100% completed game and I was under the impression that if both players are at the same place in the game or im ahead of the host, then it should save in my game also but this isnt the case as shown in the screen shot.

If I’ve already completed the game 100% and just playing in his game then shouldnt it save to my main game as Im ahead of the host?

EDIT: I can now confirm that replaying the Intro missions with a friend in co-op that is the host will trigger the mission to start the DLC in your main game (despite what the game tells you about only host will save progress as the screen shot shows above). After we got to Vesslan Bunker and completed that mission I loaded my game solo and it now triggers the DLC mission.