Bug in minken bunker


War board minken bunker, if you explore the hanger and kill the robot in the crate before starting the quest line you can’t complete.



I have the same issue on xbox one x needs fixing as its part of the main story. If you destroy the runner in the container before switching the bunker power on it glitches and the game thinks the runner is still there draining the power!!


I’m having this issue as well, how hard can it be for them to at least add a load-game feature so you can go to an earlier save?

I didn’t see this topic and I literally just did this.
I don’t understand how hard it is to play these missions and realize this bug before you release the game. If they need an experienced game tester I’m up for hire because this is starting to get ridiculous. I’m pretty sure I haven’t done one main mission because every single one has broken on me. Here is such a simple fix. Make that crate locked until you go to turn on the power. Problem solved.
Smh, I’m getting frustrated because I love the game. It’s really fun playing with friends but this stuff is unacceptable. It’s almost as if none of these missions were tested thoroughly before release.

Please follow this format READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report and then post here https://forum.generationzero.com/c/bug-reports . Sorry to hear that you’re having such an unpleasant experience, let’s get this fixed ASAP for you!

**Platform:** Xbox one

**Steps To Reproduce:** no need I know the problem. It's as simple as the order of which you do the mission.

**Images / Videos:** nope

**Host or Client:**I was just playing single player

**Players in your game:** solo

```xbox one

A simple fix would be put a lock on the red crate that the dog machine is in. And have it unlock after you activate the computer in the power room. 
The problem is when you enter the bunker, the first set of stairs that you come across is on your left. So naturally I would assume everyone would take that staircase so they clear out room by room as a progress through so they don't miss anything. Well when you come down those stairs you see a red crate/freight trailer. Looting in this game has taught you to open these and loot it. Upon opening it you get startled by a dog machine just standing there. With no hesitation I shot it and the whole crate/trailer exploded. I thought that was kind of weird but I moved on. Upon reaching the power room it said to investigate what was drawing power from the grid. Low and behold it was that dog machine that I already killed. And it apparently wanted me to kill it again but obviously I couldn't. So now I'm stuck on that mission.

And for the record, overall I am not having an unpleasant experience. just every now and then I get frustrated with bugs.
Overall the game is so much fun and I absolutely love it. And I will continue to play it through its entirety. I’m excited to see the new patches and also excited to see future DLC and add-ons. Great game, keep it up but please stay vocal with us on here about patch notes and bug fixes.
I would almost advise doing what Rare does with Sea of Thieves and make a live stream talking about bug fixes and developer updates. It’s good to hear developers acknowledging the bugs and problems us gamers are having and what their doing to fix it.

Just to clarify it is same om PC. Opendoc container ser s robot with light on blast it and the turn on power now I can’t go forth in bunker

Having the same issue on pc. As a programmer you should check if the runner object is destroyed and nothing else. That solution would have resulted in that you completed this objective right away, if you had destroyed the runner in advance. I don’t understand how they could miss out on such a basic thing.