BUG: Incorrect Locations Counter (XBOX)


Steps To Reproduce:
Open the map and scroll over any of the following locations:

Stenmyra 2/1
S. Maria Church 2/1
Military Compound - Loading Area 2/1
Military Compound - Oversee;s Villa 2/1
Kalleby 2/1
Skrankebol 2/1
F23 Overby Air Base 2/1
Hagaboda 6/3
Viskandets Borg 2/1
Lovnas 2/1
Beredskapsforrad 2/1
Broskulla 2/1
Skogsbo 2/1
Hisingafyren 2/1
Sillavik 2/1
Iboholmen Church 2/1
Tornberget 2/1
Markbacken 2/1

Images / Videos:
Example of a location with an incorrect mission count:

Host or Client:
Host / client (doesn’t matter)

Players in your game:
Just me / 1-4 (doesn’t matter)

The game has an incorrect mission count on many of its locations. I’ve spent some time checking through the map and noting down a few (there may be more) of these locations that have an incorrect count but there are also many other locations that are not named on the map that also have an incorrect mission count. These unnamed locations have not been noted down in the above list as it’s just to big of a job blindly roaming around the map trying to find them all (dev’s will actually have to do some leg work yourselves to find them.)

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Confirmed. Same bug here.

I reported this in August :wink:

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