Bug list web page with status columns & importance suggestion

I didn’t add this to any of the current bug threads since all other bug threads are about bugs themselves.

I would love to see a bug list, and not a bug report. A page on a site with all the bugs listed in Column A, Is it being worked on - yes/no in Column B, an estimated completion time in Column C, and a Completed Confirmation Column D. Column E can be the “From a scale of 1 - 10, how important is this bug to you?” column. People can rate the importance of a bug to them. Each bug is given a score to give the devs a good idea as to what bugs are most important to the fans to fix. If robots teleporting into structures is given the highest score, then one would hope the devs would consider that specific bug be given priority over other bugs.

So imagine the list columns looking like this:

Bug | Currently being worked on (yes/no) | ETA to fix (days or date) | Fix to be deployed on (date of patch) | Importance of repair for the players (either percentage of players that find it important or 1 - 10 scale)

Because it is ok if not all bugs are currently being investigated. They can’t work on everything at all times, but it would be great to see where the progress is being made and what is currently being worked on.

Some may argue “well a bug list isn’t great for marketing.” I am not a marketing specialist, but I see it as the opposite. An active bug list shows me the devs understand their fan base.

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You mean, something like this? :slight_smile:

Besides the topic linked by Xezr above, patch notes also include (some) currently known issues. E.g June '20 update notes, scroll to the bottom and read “Known issues” section: https://generationzero.com/en/blog/fnix-rising-patch-notes

Close! But acknowledged is not the same as currently being worked on. Knowing there is an issue and actually acting upon it are 2 different things. Having a spreadsheet stile looking site with the bug listed is already an acknowledgement. Something what I mentioned could give people a sense of satisfaction knowing the most commonly annoying bugs are being worked on. Think of it like having a toddler who just spilled milk and cut his hand trying to open the milk carton with a knife. Are you going to bother picking up the milk first or tend to your child’s cut hand first? You set priorities. If players feel a certain bug has priority, then can give it a 1-10 scale on how important it is to them. And developers can choose to set resources for that bug first.

I’m not saying my method is perfect or is good for marketing. I was just wondering hey what if something like this did exist, and everyone here can mention if it’s a bad or good idea. :slight_smile: