Bug report post - needs moderator intervention / replies removed

I posted a bug report: Minken bunker mission

It’s an unnecessary argument in an inappropriate place. Bug report posts should only have valuable information for the Devs to look at, and i’m willing to bet they disregard posts when they see petty arguments like the example I provided as they wouldn’t be fun to sort through to get information they need.

I really hope a moderator can go in and remove the unnecessary comments. Thanks!!! If this needs to be posted somewhere else I’m happy to recreate it elsewhere.

EDIT: Have the mods ever thought of making a META site area for issues like this? Or maybe there is and i’m just missing it.

Apologies for going off-topic in your thread. I’ll delete the posts if you want.

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I apologise for having started the storm there with my comment. My temper got the best of me I should have known better than to start reading a forum before having been pacified by my morning coffee.

It had already been derailed and hijacked already at that point by our serial thread hijacker and I genuinely wanted to know why he was constantly hijacking everyone’s conversations with off topic complaints. Be

Anyway, it turns out my past instigated the storm that followed, and I want to apologise for doing so @boston_51. I should have kept my thoughts to myself as I have been for the past several weeks of seeing this behavior. Sorry for messing up your bug report.


No worries @Crunchmeister, just trying to make the Devs jobs a little easier so they can improve the game!

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I understand and I’ve deleted my posts.