Minken bunker mission

Long story short. I killed the dog inside of the container before turning on the power button in the bunker and now I can’t progress the bunker.

windows 10
16gb ram
geforce rtx 2080 (8gb)


Did the same thing, what you have to do is invite a friend to the game and then both go to the bunker, bring him to the container and he should be able to see the dog still configured, then he destroys it and it carries on the mission.

Yea exactly, I’m fed up with the game too man. Pathetic that there’s so many issues and they’re pushing updates like what 1 every month or month in a half? Not quick enough to keep me interested in this broken game. I’m trying to get a refund through Xbox.

Good luck

Just restart the game and the robot will be there.

@0L0 I tried, the dog robot is still not there after completely closing and reopening it. So I imagine the game autosaved at some point and I’m just kinda stuck.

Closing the game won’t fix it, no matter how many times you go back the dog is always destroyed. Someone mentioned that they brought a friend into their game and went to it and his friend could still see it and he blew it up, so I tried it too and it worked for me also. Just get someone to join your game and tell them you need them to blow this thing up quick and bring them to it, it should work.

I hear you on that brother! You can always try getting a random in your game tho and talking over the mic to them asking them to help you quick. Cause I did the same thing and then I went exploring while that missions was frozen, and I found things from other missions that I didn’t have which in turn bugged those missions out too now, so best to get it dealt with asap! It’s way easier this way than to restart your entire game.

Chill, guys. Take things like these in PM’s instead of derailing threads.

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And you are literally breaking the forum rules, good job.

How so? By telling someone to stop bulling someone else.

If that’s breaking the rules I will do it everytime.

I get what you’re trying to say. And you did make a thread about the opinions you have already, which is good. I just don’t think breaking forum rules by hijacking people’s threads is the way to go about it.

I won’t derail this thread any further, you’re welcome to PM me if you can and/or want to chat about it more.