Bug reporting feedback

I really wish some of these bug reports would get acknowledged. it seems like " please use this template when reporting bugs and issues so the devs can see it sooner." is the most we get on some of these.
not sure if reporting them is even doing any good. we have no way of keeping track of what the developers already know about. I have asked multiple times for an updated list both on here and on discord and the most I get is a link to the Known Issues [June Update] thread that does not list them all and the last update was just to say that the firework patch is out.
Giving us a list of known broken missions and such might help cut back on all the repeated reports. maybe link each one to the bug report thread for that issue so people can add their info there instead of making a third or fourth separate report. The Discord used to have a list with issues and workarounds but that went away some time ago.


I agree that better feedback would be great. However, I suspect that most, or all, of the developers are on summer vacation now. Let’s hope that things improve after the summer.

That would indeed be awesome, the main problem we have though is simply a case of not enough humans to throw at the problem in terms of managing the threads etc. Unlike larger games with multiple CMs etc it’s just little old me and my mod team, and the forum is just one of many many locations I need to spread myself around. QA do get involved the best they can, but of course their main task tends to be actually qualifying and working with the dev team on the actual fixing of the bugs. Although we can’t respond to every thread, and overall organisation could be better, the forum DOES remain an extremely valuable source of information for us to use to improve the game.

To finish with some good news though, we are staffing up with an extra CM mid-August (introduction to come!), so things should improve once he gets up and running.


I’m excited to meet the new CM when he/she starts! i hope that can lessen your work load my dude, i empathize highly for ya’ll as this forum is really active and i’m sure its too much for one person to go through along side all the other facets of social media. Your assurance of the forums use is more than enough for me, and hopefully a lot of other community members for putting us at ease :smiley:

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I thought it was pretty clear, I mostly reply to bug reports with the “use the template” approach because that is what people should do when reporting bugs. Once they’ve delivered all the necessary details the devs can get on it much easier. They don’t have to reply to the topic or even tag it as acknowledged, but the process makes it easier for them.

There’s not much else I can do from there, other than looking into the bug myself (if it’s on PC) so I can relate to the issues people encounter. In cases where I believe the issue to be serious and in need of attention, I let the devs know personally.

thanks for the response
I understand everyone is working hard but as someone having issues, being able to know a little more about what is acknowledged as a bug and being worked on would be helpful. some of the updates are a little vague, I understand you can’t always give specifics and guarantee when somethings will be fixed but when one update breaks something, waiting a month to find out if the next one will fix it is not fun. I realize you are short-staffed, hopefully, the extra CM will help things.

@Zesiir wasn’t trying to imply you or the other mods were not helping. I know asking for proper template use is necessary and that there is only so much you can do but my issue was once it is properly reported it wasn’t marked. I know they don’t have to tag it but the fact that some get tagged and others do not make it look like the untagged are unknown or denied as bugs/issues. That’s why an updated list was requested.
i’ll try to be patient and hope that the upcoming update letter has the requested information.