BUG: Storage box counts weapon attachments equipped to weapons

Platform: PC

Description: When adding any weapon that has mods and/or ammo on it to storage box, all those attachments are also counted.
For example: AG4 + barrel mod + mag mod + scope + vision mod + ammo in it takes 2x slots in your inventory but 7x slots in storage box.
Due to that, any weapon with mods/ammo on it added to storage box takes more space than it should.

Steps To Reproduce: Drag and drop any weapon with mods/ammo on it to storage box and look the storage box counter. It will increase more than 2x slots (2x for weapon itself + as much as there are attachments on it).

Images / Videos: https://i.imgur.com/4C7752x.jpg
On the image, it’s clearly visible that my storage box counter is 195/100.
Since i have 26x weapons in storage with mods and ammo on them, in total, they all take up 148x slots inside storage box, while they should take up only 52x slots (2x slots per weapon). The rest of storage (195x - 148x = 47x slots) is used up with ammo stacks and other needed gear, while i should have 1x slot free.

Host or Client: Single Player game. But same is in Multiplayer as well, regardless if i’m hosting or when i’m client.

Players in your game: 1 (in Single player), 2-4 (in Multiplayer).

CPU: Intel - Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor
MoBo: MSI - Z170A GAMING M5 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
RAM: Kingston - Savage 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-3000 Memory
RAM: Kingston - Savage 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-3000 Memory
SSD: Samsung - 960 EVO 500GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive
SSD: Crucial - MX500 1TB 2.5" Solid State Drive
HDD: Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
GPU: MSI - GeForce GTX 1060 3GB 3GB GAMING X 3G Video Card
PSU: SeaSonic - PRIME Titanium 650W 80+ Titanium ATX Power Supply
OS: Microsoft - Windows 7 Professional SP1 OEM 64-bit

Additional notes: Since the Alpine Unrest update came, Storage box counter is hard fixed to 100/100. Meaning that anyone who have their storage box counter over 100/100 due to the erroneous counting of weapon attachments equipped to weapons, need to take out as much items from storage box until counter drops below 100/100, before they can add any item into the storage box.
For me, that translates into almost half the items i need to get rid of since i keep my storage box as weapons cache.


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It is the same on the PS4, it is worst now, there is even less space, just let weapons with attachments count as 1 slot god dammit!

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I’d be happy even when weapons with mods count as 2x slots in storage box since all weapons are two slot ones in inventory.


That would also be acceptable yes,the way we have it now it`s difficult to collect weapons and mods and having ammo at the same time.

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This is not new to Alpine Unrest. It’s been like that since I started playing this game a couple of months ago. You can actually fit over 100 items by getting your count up to 98, and then adding one final gun that’s packed with ammo and all attachments. It’s possible to have 107/100 items in the box. But you cannot add any more items (including topping up ammo counts) until you remove the offending firearms and drop back down below 100 items.

I agree with you very much that it would be great if attachments and ammo equipped to a weapon did not add to its slot count in the box (the whole package would still only take up 2 slots). Right now, there is an incentive in the game to carry many weapons on your character since it can be a much more efficient use of inventory space than using the box.

I try to rephrase my description.

2 days ago, (Monday) before patch came, my storage box was full when the counter was 196/100 due to the weapons with mods in storage box. When i removed single slot item from storage box, e.g full stack of .50 cal AP ammo, counter dropped to 195/100, indicating that i have one single slot free. I was able to put any single slot item back into the storage box, e.g full stack of 7.62mm AP ammo and counter went back to 196/100.

Yesterday (Tuesday), after the patch came, i’m unable to do that anymore. As you can see from my screenshot, i have half stack of a-shots in my inventory (14x). I had 12x a-shots in storage box and i found two more, so i decided to put those two in storage box as well. (Since even when storage box is full, you still were able to combine half stacks.) But when i tried to move 2x a-shots into storage box, i couldn’t. I didn’t figure out on that moment what was going on, so i took the 12x stack of a-shots out of my storage box, dropping it’s counter from 196/100 to 195/100 and a-shots combined just fine in my inventory. But when i tried to move my half stack of a-shots back to storage box, i couldn’t do that anymore and still can’t.

And that’s the issue. I have one single slot space free in my storage box but since the counter is above 100/100 due to that bug and the latest patch won’t allow you put anything into storage box when counter is above 100, i can’t put any single slot item into my storage box, despite having one slot free.


I don’t really understand the issue. This is how it works for me:

  • attachments count as slots, whether equipped or not
  • the cap is now hard at 100, where before you could over load your plundra
  • if I am below 100, I don’t see any free slots; the list just ends at the last item it has always been like that
  • when I scroll too fast, icons are not loading, seemingly displaying empty slots

Is that what’s happening for you?

The main issue is that attachments on weapons should not count when weapon is stored in storage box. Only the weapon itself should count.

If you have a weapon in your inventory (not equipped in your hands), weapon itself uses 2x inventory slots. Add scope to the weapon and weapon still uses 2x inventory slots. Add ammo and weapon still takes up 2x slots. That is how weapons are in inventory and that’s how they should be in storage box as well.

Else-ways, when attachments count in storage box, then they must count in your inventory as well. Meaning that when you have weapon with ammo and scope on it, it must take 4x of your inventory slots to keep it there, not 2x like it currently is.

Did you get it now?

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Yes, I got it now. You can flag your posting to ask Xezr to move it to Feedback/Feature requests.

EDIT: I would actually second this request, now that I think about it.

I support this too. This hard limit to the 100 incl. Attachements is very annoying.

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Yes that change is totally annoying. Instead of changing it to a 2 slot count for a weapon with any attachments, as stated iIrc, to get rid of the Plundra count overshooting 100, all they changed is a hardcap of 100 now. Really… sad…

The only positive thing for now is, that no stored weapons were lost…


But does not help to have this thread in the bug report section as everything is working as intended. And now that I think about it, moving this thread does not really work well (it is written as a bug report/discussion).

Why not write a proper feature request over there in the fitting category?

@pegnose It’s here because it appears to be a bug. It’s reasonable to think plundra and character inventory would work to the same standards, until the devs tell us otherwise.

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I could not have said it better.

It makes absolutly no sence in my opinion that a full equiped weapon takes two slots in my inventary and 6 in the plundra. And therefor I would still call it a bug.


From a player perspective, you are perfectly right. From a balancing perspective, you as a dev want to limit item possession. I think it works as intended. It might also be the more fail safe solution. It might be a mere oversight. It does not appear to be a bug to me.

In any case, I don’t like how it works.

I’ll flag this thread for Xezr. Maybe he can get a dev to look at this quickly, so that we know what we are talking about.

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I would say it works as it is intended now. The earlier behavior wasn’t as intended but a bug.

Actually, no. This issue isn’t some kind of balancing feature from the devs.
I don’t know how long you’ve been playing GZ but i’ve played it since launch and in the beginning, there was no storage box whatsoever. If devs want to limit the items you can have in any point or time, why implement the storage box in the first place?

Also, this topic isn’t about a missing feature that may need to be added, to merit this topic to be called “feature request”. What this topic is about, is the issue that has been present since the Storage boxes came in the August’s Update.

As simple as possible:
In inventory: AG4 + barrel mod + mag mod + scope + vision mod + ammo = 2x inventory slots.
In storage box: AG4 + barrel mod + mag mod + scope + vision mod + ammo = 7x inventory slots.

For a fair gameplay, both inventory slot usages must be same. Either the example weapon: fully upgraded AG4, uses 7x slots in your personal inventory (which is 40x slots when you have Carry Capacity lvl2) or 2x slots in storage box.

You’re mixing up two different issues.

My issue is about weapon with attachments using more space in storage box that it should, while what you are talking about is the storage box counter surpassing 100/100. Latter is fixed, yes, but former is not.


Perfeclty sumerized and easy to understand. Now they just have to fix it :wink:

This is not about fairness as it is the same for every player. The Plundra is a bonus with an item limitation. The fact that we can carry even more in the inventory by equipping attachments is an additional bonus. That is another way to look at it.

Let us wait for a dev to state whether this is a bug. I don’t really believe it will be changed faster by stating it is one.

That said, there have been many complaints about inventory and plundra usability. I am pretty sure this will be revamped soon. Let’s all hope they prioritize it! :slight_smile:

Either way, it’s reasonable to expect it to be consistent. That’s all @Aesyle is pointing out. Parity in player inventories. Not this go-go-gadget expanding weapons business.

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