Bugged floor in björntunet hotel (DLC), top floor


Top floor of björntunet hotel, just outside the spa is bugged after last (march 2020) update.
Player drops aprox 0.5m below floor level, low enough to block one from walking out of it, but high enough so one can jump out of the square-ish box of low floor.

Steps To Reproduce:
Go to björntunet hotel, go to the top floor from any direction, but easiest to locate if you go up the main stairs from the lobby, then head straight from the top flight of stairs.
There is a “ledge” nearest to the stairs and wall, about 0.5m wide so one CAN walk along the wall next to the stairs, but the “floor hole” thats “missing” reaches all of the width of the hallway in front of the stairs.

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Happened to all of the party members, doubt the hardware is relevant.


In the Tunnfjället hotel, top floor at the spa corridor you don’t walk on the floor. About 2/3 of the corridors width you fall down on the ceiling to the floor below. It’s like seeing all in dwarf’s perspective.

Standing on the floor

On step to the right and I’m down to my knees at least

Walking straight forward in corridor outside the spa

And looking back

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Got the same there. Doing an emote shows that you’re knee deep inside the floor


Merged threads about the same issue.


Played yesterday and was up on the 3rd floor by the offices and the spa locker room and the floor and character were messed up. It seeeed likemy character was crouching the gamescreen floor level was off. I tried walking into hallway, lockerroom and its like you hit a wall will not move forward . Please fix asap. Anyone else with issues in the hotel up there.

Merged threads about the same issue.


There is a clipping issue on the top floor on hemfel island where you walk on the floor and have to jump to get out of the floor in the hotel safehouse.

I’m really sorry have to be a Debbie Downer, but I just booted up the game after the new patch, and I went to the top floor at Björntunet Hotel, there seems to be a problem when I want to go into the spa?! :thinking:

It seems like there’s a “dent” in the floor, It basically feels like I’m glued to the floor, and I have to do some awkward jumps to get in.

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@Hippic, you struck my funny nerve.

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Being on the fourth floor of the hotel, I found that the floor near the Spa rooms is transparent and the character falls into it by half. Has anyone else found this problem?

Platform- PS4

Merged threads. The issue’s acknowledged by the devs.


Something like this happens on the top floor of the hotel on himfjal (I know my spelling is wrong) I could spam jump to get out of it, but it is annoying.

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no pictures or video but the top floor on the Björntunet hotel if you croutch you will sink in to the floor close to the elevator area in the same part as the buildings main entre is =/

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Are you talking about the glitch where the character kinda goes into the floor a bit, and makes it hard to go through doorways located near at the top floor of the Bjorntunet hotel? If you are it is fixed in the newest update FNIX Rising.

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Thanks, that’s good to know.