Bugs and glitches

I havebeen spending now around close 5hours finding bugs and glitches ill post pictures and more info soon :slight_smile: and there is one major bug what crashes game (playing online with sameone!)

I will add more.

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This is a veeeery old and dead topic. Why did you pick that instead of making your own report… Or better, search for that issue?

It’s a known issue on Playstation only.

It’s not yet known what triggers it and how the devs can fix it.

If ever possible, if you have a backup of your safegame before this happened, try to recover it and hope that it doesn’t happen again so soon.

This world now is cursed. You will lose all your safehouses, except the important mission related ones (command bunkers), over and over again. Maybe each time you log in, maybe in a week or later, but it won’t stop.

I know what I’m talking about. Losing safehouses for over 20 months now. Since the latest update I lost them every time I started the game.
My 2nd world on the other hand is fine until now.

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I did search it up and nothing came up. I also didn’t see anyone talk about it which is why I made my own report. I wouldn’t have made a report if I see someone talk about it. 20 months that very insane wow, that sucks.

Thank you for telling though and I really appreciate it.

Just the first entry when searching for “safehouse lost”:

Good luck.

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Closing this since it’s an old thread.