Bugs related by player solution

I’ll introduce myself. I’m Daniel, a PlayStation 5 player. I love this game and have all the DLCs. I’ve seen many reports of bugs, whether it’s the absence of loot, freezing when killing an enemy, or navigating in the inventory. Well, the inventory freezing issue is caused by an accessory for a weapon, specifically the shotgun’s accessory, not the silencer. I’ll attach a picture here for you to see this bug, and it’s linked to this shotgun accessory. Another bug regarding the lack of loot is related to another dimension, in other words, when you create a second world. You can create up to 4 worlds. If you play in the first one with one character and have another world with no character, only your main character, this issue will occur."

This is accessory

One more thing, I would like the developers to create a much larger inventory space so that we can level up many times, as 400 slots are not enough. This forces players to create additional worlds. It would be great to be able to level up the storage chest multiple times. Thank you


you can upgrade it multiple times up to 400kg, which is twice as much as you originally had since the introduction of the plundra… And there were no additional worlds until early last year, but that doesn’t matter anyway, as a new world doesn’t offer a new and clean plundra.

400kg is enough, you just have to learn to use it.
I’m playing for 3 years now and although I just have about 650 hours ingame, I still have about 80kg free space in the plundra… And there are also about 70 rare firework boxes inside, with 1kg each. And of course I have every weapon (basic and all DLC weapons) in 5c and 6c quality stored twice.

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Yes, I know, but for those who have an addiction to farming, which is my case lol, it could be very useful, and there’s another thing, for example, I like to collect different weapons, so having all the weapons in the game plus ammo and so on is complicated, thanks for the post

That’s something different.
That’s your Personal problem/wish and maybe GZ just isn’t the game to meet that.

I’m asking for cars for quite a good time now. Not because I like racing games, but because I would like to have a transport method for two or up to four players.

Do you know what I mean? :wink:

Btw. Thanks for describing those issues in your starting post.

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is there enough room to store every 1 - 6 weapons & all it’s attachments, I tryed collecting all 1 - 6 at one time & got frustrating with the plundru having a weird viewing & having to write things on paper just to keep up

the shotgun accessory issue can be fixed by changing your ingame language to English to remove the shotgun choke, and then change the language back to what you use.

I too am having a plundra problem since the halloween event… but that is a problem of my own creation. if they add more space that wouldn’t hurt my feelings. but if not I will just have to do some plundra cleaning :rofl:

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having a problem with plundru since Halloween event :person_cartwheeling: are those Halloween cloths filling up your plundru with weight

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:rofl: thankfully no, I put them in the DLC closet add-on :rofl:

Its from all the loot from farming, that created rivals and reapers, that dropped some good loot, that I couldn’t help from collecting… and now my plundra is a mess…sigh

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That’s just telling me that you had more than you needed.

I once did that, too, but I had an Excel Sheet to manage my plundra/inventory and the schematics.
Then I cleaned my plundra and recycled everything, but two of each in highest quality… And didn’t need the Sheet any more.

It’s just not intended. So no for a change. No need to invest manpower, time and money.

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I already know what the problem was. I accidentally destroyed my rocket launcher. I had 670 rocket ammunition that had been accumulating over time. :joy::joy::joy:

Yes, I understand that cars would be good, even though they consume a lot of fuel. I found a motorcycle, and it disappeared very quickly. :joy::joy::joy:
What I don’t understand is that there are trees everywhere and axes, but the only wood we can collect is from small trees. :joy::joy::joy:

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i collect all my wood from recycling arrows and flares/fireworks. way more plentiful

1 supply run from the Archipelago region nets you a ton of everything.

but I get your point…

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Yes, I also do that to collect more wood. The only thing I don’t recycle is explosive arrows because they are very effective, and I use an explosive build. My mistake was destroying my rocket launcher, and I’ve been trying to find one for a while, but no luck. :joy:

all in good time. farming rivals and reapers will get you all you want and more… I am hunting magazines for my weapons and having the worst luck. but all in good time. the lauchers are nice but not needed. I only used mine for base assaults and thats even limited.

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don’t know how far you are into the game but northern end seems to drop alot of launchers from what limited time I have spent there. I am a old school farming style player so I have yet to finish 20% of the story missions. been living in the Archipelago and Farmland region just building up region threat level and knocking it down over and over for loot.

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I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but there are these robots, I think they’re the hunters, and they use a sniper that can shoot through everything – houses, walls, even rocks. I wonder if this is normal, or if it’s just a bug because trying to dodge or take cover at close range is insane. :pensive:

If you’re hunting the big tank robots, the really big ones, try using multiple magnetic attacks. I usually use magnetics to attack them from behind. What I do is use the hacking dart if there are several big ones. I wait until they inflict maximum damage on each other and then attack. And I can’t forget the grenade launcher, not the regular one, but the one that launches missiles into the sky, like a mortar.

Yea i doo the same i like make all secundary first

It’s obviously easier to learn how to pull a trigger than how to cut a tree into carryable and useable pieces. Or last one just takes too long.

In the past there were more piles of wood and even lots of wood in backpacks. Before the saplings were added.

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ya hunters with the PVM 90 shoulder sniper rifle. they are nasty. though just walking back and forth will make them miss. I am a run and gunner. mostly stick to the exp AG4 and exp KVM 59 (which I can not find magazines for to save my life) and melt just about everything. I am a damage build, all the left side of the skills tree pretty much.

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It must be to balance the game for sure, but it’s frustrating in a way because I like to play with explosives, and I rarely get to use explosive arrows.

Hmm, I would think that you would always have a chance to explode stuff…

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