Buildable house

I would like to see a buildable house abit like in VIGOR the game where you slowly build up your own home by doing one project at a time to which eventually you will have a place where you can see all your weapons/equipment and collectables out on display it can be build on one of the small islands in the archipelago you need to build a bridge first to get there but a great place for new players to start building a safe place for all their needs straight away but personally I would like to see the safe house on avern lake to be replaced by our own home its a nice size island for expansion


No. Building is already bad why should we have more of it.


I do agree that base building is basically in the process of destroying the game, but there’s something about the idea of furnishing a little wooden shack that appeals to me.

Not like some big tower defense fortress or anything, just a little quiet shack where you could see your collectables on display or something. I don’t know, it sounds nice.

Given how base building has gone though, maybe it’s for the better that something like this wouldn’t be implemented.


Building isn’t bad I think it’s a great addition but on the other hand it is messing with spawns


the base building isn’t bad it just needs some work. having a home base that you can improve and set up is nice it just needs well more work.


In what way is the game destroyed by base building? Just don’t build one if you don’t want, the rest is still there.


The control points in the Forest have massively decreased the spawns of machines in that region. The North Coast border used to be swarming with enemies but now it’s a ghost town. Many other areas are now barren as well.


I mean, yes, that’s bad.
But maybe that’s a separate bug thaa can (and should) be fixed without removing the control points.

I’m quite certain that the decreased spawns are a side effect of the control points. All the new empty areas are within the proximity of a control point.

By all accounts it seems like they intentionally toned down the spawns near the control points so that foreign machines wouldn’t interfere with Base Defenses/Assaults.


I’d like to add that there are many locations around the controlpoints where machines suddenly appear or disappear…one more thing that has been added with this new bases.
There are also many who wrote about crashes or extrem framedrops around bases.

When they added basebuilding to generation zero, it was at first a nice addition. But now it seems to be used excessive. Actually we have 8 bases which work identically. There is no difference in the bases themselves and not in the waves. Just another location. Now we’ll get 12 more of them. It seems like the new copy’n’paste wave. “they wanted basebuilding, now they get it”.

It’s growing to be the main part of generation zero and therefore it destroys the games soul. Not more, not less.


Sure it isnt bad it’s just very repetive because all I do at least is just make a concrete box around the van and then I’m done.Its the easiest strategy that’s effective. Right now I’m just using base building to hoard ammo like 7.62 and and .50 bmg.


Ayy another Vigor player
but yes I would like a furnishable house with a homely feel

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No. Bad idea. Like the others with vehicles, terminators, weapons from 25th+ century and similar.

I think some people lost a view (or never cared) of the basic GZ concept - you are a teenager in 80’s Sweden and trying to understand why suddenly everyone disappeared and WTH are those metal things?

How common do you believe, was for Swedish teenagers in late 80’s to build their own house?


Never thought of it like that while running around with my lmg that shooting lighting fighting robots controlled by a former human turned AI but building a HOUSE is far beyond anything I thought we could do mind blown thanks

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And fight a guerilla resistance against them.

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You do know DIY was highly popular in the 80s right? Like it wasn’t uncommon for teenagers to build their own things.

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I know, but full-scaled house was not among it, I am pretty sure :smiley:

There could be a spinoff game for those, who want such other stuff…

Like there is call of the wild for the ones who like to hunt and the announced spinoff “the angler” for the ones that want to go fishing instead.

There could be “Generation Zero - the architect” for example :grin:

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Actually yeah they where, building your own home was a big freaking thing that people wanted to do.

Yeah, OK, maybe, whatever.

But the basic point here is not if teenagers built custom houses or not, but the fact that people constantly try to convince developers to put stuff from other games into GZ, ultimately destroying its uniqueness and make it some kind of digital borsc.

Who… or what kind of players are actually not happy playing Valor so they want to put similar mechanics to GZ? Or CoD? Or something else?

An example - I like to play Far Cry, but I don’ want to have hunting or 1000 guns in GZ, simply. Why? Because If I want to play Far Cry, I play Far Cry, I don’t want to play Generation Zero Far Cry :-/

Who is asking for this? That’s insane :-/

I can understand there may be some useful improvements but some people just see something somewhere and want to have it in GZ just because they liked it somewhere else?? In a completely different game genre? What??

Like vehicles, it’s so stupid and there were like 1M comments why it’s stupid but still some people come and ask for vehicles, because cars are cool in like GTA or something??

Like bicycles, they are fun first 5 minutes, or if you feel lonely and want to call half or the map to your locations, because riding the bicycle agroes everything within a mile radius.

Plundra is another such thing, but since we have rivals and reaper, we need more ammo, OK for that one, but who remembers silently moving from shelter to shelter and counting bullets to find out it I have enough for machines in front of the church, they know the feeling…

And vice versa…

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