Building Blocks Mission bug

I would have thought that base assaults and defenses (and the control points themselves) just get activated if you finish the introduction mission.

I haven’t attempted any of this on a clean run. I guess I was fortunate enough to already have base assaults unlocked and correct the issue through this method. Usually if you want bases to spawn, increase difficulty to Guerrilla and non-dynamic/static, then go out on a kill frenzy and the game should spawn one in no-time. If the game isn’t generating new bases simply because the Building Mission isn’t complete, then I have no idea. The devs should hopefully resolve this next update

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sadl enough building blocks is just F’d. I can’t finnish it either (on pc) and no other bases spawn in because of the “they can’t spawn if you haven’t done builing blocks” deal that’s encoded in the game now

Same issue on Xbox and PC (PC pic included), is there an incoming fix for this?

I’m quite sure they’re working on it.
We still have no date, yet. There will be no update in march, but I hope for april. April is famous for updates :crazy_face:

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This was supposedly fixed in this update yet the same issue is still around after the update

Screenshot was taken 5 minutes ago on the most up to date version.

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Yeah, this was supposed to have been fixed, but wasn’t. We have to poke the dev team once again for this… :grimacing:

Am I missing something? Or am I blind?
Can’t see it in the patch log.

There may be several issues with this particular mission, and it’s only being partly fixed.

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