Building destruction


first off all great job on the game defiantly one of my favorites so far but there are a few things that could be improved like building distruction for example when you run into a barn and rockets are raining down on the barn but you are perfectly fine I think that alone would be a huge game changer and I also agree with the tank AI form the tanks could use an improvement I do like when they charge after you definite scare every time but still on the easy to kill side the other day I took an apocalypse tank out with nothing but the revolver I miss being afraid of them like when I first started the game and if there could be better communication when playing multiplayer I know there’s always discord but if you added an open mic to the game like pub g for example it would bring a more fun aspect to the the game


Things like terrain destruction are very hard to implement in an existing game as they normally need to be built in when creating a game from day one. Anyhow considering the small team behind this I’d rather they spend their time on easier things that can bring more depth to the game as destructible enviroments is known for being very intensive. Maybe gen zero 2?


I, for one, am against it. Sounds in GZ are very well made and it’s the sounds by which i locate the enemies. More often than not, i can hear the machines well in advance before they even come to the visual range. And thanks to my 7.1 surround sound, i can exactly pinpoint the direction from where the sound comes from. I don’t need some kid screaming over it.

There are plenty of voice chat options out there, join GZ discord voice channel, use TeamSpeak etc.


that’s kinda what I figured but if there is a #2 all be buy that for sure


oh and thanks aesyle didn’t know there was a GZ discord channel


Here’s invite to GZ Discord,


pretty sure that having voice chat in the game itself would take away from the resources it’s already using and cause more problems anyway.