Bunker 666 (my thoughts and video)


So I know for sure that this is not people screaming In agony. I’m not looking down on Tenebris but alot of people just assumed that that was that without checking out itself.

So I’ve made a video on what I think im hearing going on in the Bunker.

I did rush this a little bit and missed out alot because I didn’t want to subtitle everything but it’s pretty self explanatory.

Things can and probably will change which it will be subject to.

Everyone currently should stop going mental abou this bunker. March is probably going to be something more content based so this is unlikely. This is only a slip for now but feel free to talk in the comments!

I think I did an OK job but I could’ve done better :+1:

Bunker 666 Himfjall connection?
There is nothing inside Bunker 666 (Currently)

It definitely could be a crazy machine fighting pit!
The thing is, we can’t know anything for sure about this location because it is a closed door my dude, the most we can do is speculate on it and what it means!
My interpretation of what’s going on behind that door could be completely wrong, and i’m okay with it if I am! I think a machine fighting pit would be dang awesome, and makes me think of this old T.V show called “robot wars” :nerd_face: plus… wouldn’t be the first time i was wrong about something, i remember when contact first dropped and i was so certain it was a new machine, just to be completely surprised that it was anew machine class instead!
Cheers man, the glory of speculation is that is only made better by having more perspectives added to the discussion. :smiley:


Thanks ten you always know what to say :+1::v:
Also I hope I didn’t come off as undermining you because we could both be very wrong :ok_hand:


Oh far from it my friend!! I welcome people to bring more than one perspective on the things i talk about, because i know i am but a single person with just a single outlook, and in the end we only can figure out what the heck’s actually going on if we all put our minds together :exploding_head:


1st i heard about Bunker 666 was in the latest dev stream where it was asked about and usual to the devs, they laughed it off. Then came this topic along and from tene’s vid, i found it’s loc. So, went there myself.

I also have a theory about it but i haven’t finalized it. Here’s what i got so far:

  • In the beginning, the bunker designation was 66. The 3rd 6 is painted on at later date by someone, most likely after d-day.
  • What goes on in there - that is unknown.
  • At some point, most likely during or shortly after d-day, the Iron Church members found the Bunker 66. Supported by the dumbbell hilt sword and other dumbbells on the scene.
  • Whatever they found, it was really bad. Blood splatters and bloody handprint on the scene, indicating towards some form of engagement took place in there. I think the Iron Church members put up the crosses, “STICK” lettering and painted another 6 to the end of designation to warn anyone who comes across that place to steer clear away.

Though, the sounds coming from it is the oddball and it’s hard to tie it with my theory. It’s either:

  • pre-recorded sound to draw in any survivors (would explain how Iron Church members came about to this place)
  • or there are really people inside who are cheering to what sounds like a machine movement.

For the latter of the two, i think that those people in there are machine worshipers because there are 4x factions in the game:

  1. FNIX and it’s machines
  2. Anita and The Resistance (more like lucky survivors)
  3. Holberg and Iron Church (the true power of resistance)
  4. Machine worshipers (e.g The Secluded side mission + several machine worship shrines across Himfjäll)

Iron Church members finding machine worshipers with machines in there would result in a battle and when Iron Church members lost the fight, they erected the warnings for others who might come about to that cursed place.

And that’s my theory about Bunker 66 / 666.


My short theory about the place is related to cyborg experiments. Will be interesting to find out what it’s all about.


Okay, guys. By now you have all demonstrated that you know something the rest of us don’t :wink:

I’ve done a bit of running around in the Farmlands region looking for a new bunker on a hill in a field. Not much success so far, and I don’t have the time to keep looking. I did find something peculiar on -1825,1600 - a marked structure that isn’t there - but that’s about it. Somebody … please … :pray:

By the way, I think there is a reference to STICK in a caravan on Himfjäll.


Is it alright you you lads give me the coordinates? I haven’t read anything besides ‘there is a secret bunker’ so is it ok if you give me the coordinates? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Nvm I found it :slight_smile:



I’m done with you, @Simulacrum_Protogen :joy:


Alright, you asked for them.
The coordinates are:
-741.013, -499.961


Cheers, mate. Now you are my friend again :wink:


So have any of you guys considered what happens when you pick up Groucho’s glasses?


I did it - nothing happens. They vanish from the chair and are nowhere in inventory/clothing.


Exactly, @0L0. It doesn’t go anywhere :thinking:

My plan was to wear them, be recognized as “a club member” and watch the door open … but no :confused:


Same. Maybe it’s not completed yet?


Thats really frigin cool


A very solid break down of things @Aesyle! Maybe in the end all we’ll find behind that door is a radio and another set of gag glasses :wink:

Just two things i’d add, I feel we can include the “Russian contacts” as another faction in the game, they definitely have a role to play that hasn’t been flushed out, though not relative to bunker 666, still a faction to be considered in the spiderweb of GZ!
As well the Ljuset Commune are pretty much confirmed to be the machine worshipers on Himfjell at least, so i feel it is safe to assume that as the name of the machine worshipers proper :smiley:

I do really enjoy the idea that maybe someday we’ll see the hippies of the commune fighting the gym junkies of the Iron Church. Especially from how “horrific” the scene is at 666, it could show a pretense for pretty epic set pieces moving forwards.


I also put the coordinates up on the official discord, so hopefully that makes for some more theories and discussions. :slight_smile:


So i made a discovery while looking for the guy working on the Runner in the hotel. The ‘STICK’ room has not only ‘stick’ writeen everywhere but also has the Iron church dumbells.

So one thing I see is that I couldnt find the guy.
Idk what he was doing with the Runner body but he’s gone now. ( i swear I checked the whole place). Also this runner is very much intact and has its fuel cell missing which could really mean nothing but we can only speculate.

I don’t know if this means it’s another connection.
But it was interesting to say the least.

I do think the guy working on the Runner will appear again. (also if he is in the hotel still tell me where he is cause I can’t find him).