Camera/Photo Mode


Can anyone explain how to use the camera/photo mode? I’m on PC and I press C to bing up the Emote wheel and choose the photo/camera mode at the bottom. From here I am able to change settings and Focus/Filters, etc… How do I take a photo? Can I move the camera and get a 3rd person view?

I’m guessing I just use F12 for Stream Photo or ALT+F1 for Nvidia Photo?

Just a bit confused as I see photos of what looks like players doing an emote with a 3rd person view… Were they just playing MP and another player took their photo, or they were taking a photo of another player?


Hi. Yes I imagine you take the screenshot using either Steam or Nvidia Hotkey. The “photo mode” in the game is just so you can set up the scene in a cool way. I haven’t really played with it, but I would imagine 3rd person view is possible. :+1:


And thats my queston. If it is possible… How?
What key enables it?

I see the photos from the past photo contests are filled with many photos that look like Selfy shots. Players posing and emoting… Is it a feature or just Co-op players taking photos?


There are certain emotes you can do that are in third person, like poses. That’s how you do it.



Oh thanks, I was wondering as well how to do it.


Hey. I wonder if you can free-move the camera in photo mode, or if this has been suggested? If not, I think it would be a worthy addition. Right now, photo mode poses are not centered on character, and I think the ability to both zoom and move the camera freely would add a lot to this feature. :+1: :sunglasses:


Or maybe just a hotkey to make the hud disappear?


Maybe that could solve something, but for photo mode to really shine, the main issue now is that the camere is:

  • Not centered
  • Doesn’t have the right “zoom” level

I can’t see that these can be controlled right now. At the moment you can only control the “rotation” of the camera, not the actual placement (which would allow you to put the character anywhere in the frame - centered or not). Also zooming in and out could help frame the picture better.


Another thing that needs a proper explanation…


This is where photo mode puts my character when I do a crouch pose. Can I put the character more in the center, and change the camera zoom (zoom out for instance)? I can’t see how…


You can use the Field of View option to zoom farther away from your character.

Edit: You can also turn the camera around to center it on your character, I can’t remember what it was called but it’s near the FoV option.


Ok I now realize that what I asked for is sort of possible - I only didn’t realize that there was a scrollbar so you could get other options in photo mode than the 3 first ones - but Field of View, and Pitch/Yaw/Roll kind of works. Thanks :sunglasses:


Hi, How to choose an emote like pose or dance ? I do not see it in my emote wheel (on PC), see below


there is an emote tab add them to the wheel from there :+1:


Thank you :grinning: