Camouflage Clothes Would Be Cool / Realistic!


Ok, I know nothing else is going to be added into the game at this point, but camouflage clothes and the ability to find / craft it would be cool!

Maybe there could be a different style for a few different environments; forest, grassland, snow, msybe a ghillie suit for those long Coastal and lake / riverside reeds and tall Grasses.

Having to change into different camo depending on the terrain would be cool!


There is camo clothes in the game but they dont give u any buffs, you could put stealth buffs on them via crafting if u wanted


Yeah man, the experimental clothing comes in different camo styles, as well as the Guille suit



I’ve had such bad luck finding cosmetic items / clothes!

That will probably be my last trophy for Platinum. God I hope I don’t have bugged or missing collectibles for my Platinum…

Also, how do you add buffs to clothes? I want all my clothes to have buffs!

@Admiralgamer @AliasDJA


To add buffs to your clothes you find crafting schematics around the world (Instructions) and go to a crafting station at a safehouse as long as you have the resources you can craft those upgrades onto clothes. Also if you want camo gear rivals have a high chance of dropping them


Oh ive only found one schematic!

Honestly, I don’t understand apparel crafting in GZ…it seems like aside from schematics you can only craft items you’ve already found and why would you want to do that?

Am I misunderstanding?



You aren’t crafting new items you are upgrading items you already have, so far thats all crafting does


Like this? :rofl:


Oh damn! Nice!

By the way, any tips on where to find an eyepatch? I tried an experimental eyepiece for the trophy but no dice…I’ve read it’s just a purely random can be found anywhere drop, is this true?

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it is true @FilthyLittleGodPS4


Yep. It took me a while before I found one, but later I found many more. Typical!
Like Winnie the Pooh would say: “When I find what I’m looking for, it’s always right in front of me!”


What’s with the pink?


The pink shirt has a +3% visibility reduction. Maybe I crafted it to be so, can’t remember.


lol something that would normally stand out make you less noticeable


Yeah the irony.

Bit like the Hazard mask that doesn’t improve hazard resistance


“Just” search backpacks in houses and you’ll find that eyepatch somewhere.

For camo clothing bunkers and other military barracks, etc. are your hunting ground, as the normal military gear also comes in various camo colour schemes, like grey, green, brown and “desert”… :wink:

Oh and some dazzle camo, red, black and grey, iIrc…

Edit/P.S.: btw all * and ** crafting schemes can be found in the gameworld, everything above that drops occasionally from dead rivals afaik

That’s trousers, jackets, caps and helmets