Campaign DLC idea: Nato support

neutrality only lasts when the enemy can be bargained with. Nato is sending in forces to help those trapped, though they can’t evac people they are bringing their own troops, new base addons, and a revamp to the starting area once all bunkers are claimed.

Story: once you get the last bunker up and running, The TV’s will activate and a message will play in both Swedish and english (even with language set to english) Stating that Nato forces are entering to help, do not be alarmed we are hear to help.

At this point you will loose all markers in the starting two regions, as well as the bunker. The NPC in the bunker will Also call you back ther.e

AS you can no longer fast travel you have to manually travel back to Vesslan, on the way you will hear gun fire and see explosions in the distance, upon reaching the bunker you will see MRLS fire streaking through the sky towards the farm region.

For the first time several human NPC combatants will be seen though they are allied, and shooting at some military class runners.

Combat will start with your objective being: HELP THE SOLDIERS, once complete You get a new quest


this quest has you linking up with the local NATO command, who have orders to make contact with any resistance groups and offer aid in the form of troops, food, and most importantly manufacturing resources.

the main thing is new Robot production units, that NATO was bringing in to give you a fighting chance, the problem the two landing craft with them where destroyed though one did drift to shore in the forest region.

Here you are giving a quest to head to the forest region and get the manufacturing supplies. This is a simple mission which involves killing to harvester class tanks that are salvaging the ship. at the start they are seen trying to actively pull the landing craft form the water, calling in apoc runners once combat starts.

Once you kill them and collect the Manufacturing supplies you will be asked to bring them back to the bunker. Completing the quest once they are returned and moving to the next.

Ok past this point my idea on the quest fizzles out, but the idea is you would be establishing seen fighters, and adding a Reclaimation counter to regions, While regions can not be made fully safe, the higher this counter the more likely you are to see Nato infantry and robots fighting the normal hostiles.



info: armed with an FAL rifle, FAMAS, or the games default LMG, they also use the games default AT weapon and m202 flash incindary launchers if AT troopers. Troopers almost always drop their weapon on death and ammo for that weapon, note these guys are rare except in the early story missions for the DLC as NATO starts using their own robots.

Stats: has 150 HP, and try to take cover from the robots, all but the heaviest have problems with anything bigger then a runner.

classes (note all classes will use nato weapons DLC weapons if you have that.)

rifleman: weakest one, armed only with the FAL or famas, some times throw grenades

Gunner: Armed with the default LMG or 5.56 rifle, these guys have more health and are more likely to use grenades

Commander: has a radio pack calls in robots (only spawns after a specific point) is armed only with a pistol (the nato pack DLC pistol if you have that, if not the glock)

MEDIC: will heal you, is armed with an HP5 SMG, avoids combat at all cost. may make quips about how this robots shoot at everyone so even the medics need guns.

AT CLasses

Grenadier: armed with a china lake grenade launcher (as alt timeline) throws grenades (will also use the n79 if you have that DLC)
tank buster: armed with the base game AT weapon and a pistol has a thick flak jacket making highly tanky against explosives.

ADT: armed with the M202 flash, these guys have 4 shot incendiary rocket launchers and will use them to try and take out tank robots. USES an HP5 against other enemies.


NATO drone

based on the seekers found around region the NATO walker is a mix of FNIX and NATO tech, painted blue the speakers have been removed from these things replaced with an under mounted SMG, GL, or flamethrower. these are always dispatched in groups and if they see the player or their friends they will link up and follow entering a stealth mode when you sneak and opening fire when you do.

NATO prototype: the first ones you unlock requires an active base to start producing them, once unlocked they will take 1 small fuel cell, 1 small EMP battery, 20 steel, and 100 SMG ammo to produce locally though nato will start producing them at their bases for free. local produced ones will stay around the base you have it.
weapons: SMG

NATO MILITARY: not crafted these start spawning once the reclaim counter hits a specific point in a region (only after the player completes the quests for hte proto type) these are armed with a grenade launcher or SMG, as well as a flare launcher that they will use at the start of combat to screw with hostile robots.

NATO GREEN-B: the strongest ones only spawned after the main quest of this DLC, these are armed with an AR, flamethrower, or rocket launcher, and a flare gun.



Info: a small winged drone launched off the back of hunter and tank class robots of military and above, the hunter is armed with a small suicide payload and 4 rapid deploy grenades. the drone will attempt to make fast attacks with its bombs before homing in for one last ram. thankfully it can’t support armor.

Prototype: has 4 bombs, light detonation payload
military: has 2 missiles or 4 bombs, light detonation payload
FNIX: has a heavy detonation payload
APOK: has 4 incendiary bombs, and a radiation payload.


FNIX is learning, combat with the russian wolf robots has resulted in these things starting to appear, on the same level as hunters the SPIDERS are slower more heavily armed but less heavily armored. By default they have twin gas launchers and a .50 cal main auto cannon. thankfully they have to brace before firing meaning that are immobile in fire mode.

Prototype: above info
Military: armored legs and fuel cell (fuel cell is bottom center only exposed when in fixed mode)
FNIX:has a 20mm cannon and either the gas launchers or a tick launcher (launches ticks at you. at a medium thrown range)
APOK: Flamethrower main weapon, has either the tick launcher or a rocket launcher.


a FNIX bot seemingly designed in response to you, ASSASSINS can spawn after you have destroyed 5 RIVAL robots in the region. they are armed with only 2 weapons a suppressed .50 cal sniper rifle and a knife. Unlike other robots the assassin only comes in FNIX tier.

Assassins are human sized and like to stalk their targets form long range to attempt to put them down before the target can react. Thankfully FNIX while smart doesn’t understand concealment as such the assassins will often camp out in the open to try and take their shot, they also have a bad habit of missing their first shot do to wind.

Weak points: despite being a human sized robot these things have 4 small fuel cells on their back along with 2 ticks. making them easy to one shot if you can get behind them. They are also easily disarmed as a single well placed shot to the shoulder with their sniper will force them to use their arm mounted knives.

note: will try and retreat if you destroy the sniper rifle, and are at long range.



Info: the NATO standard AR for this DLC, rather common in areas they control has a unique mod slot call front grip (this is added to the N15, and AK as well) that supports a master key, grip, or grenade launcher. two of the grip mods add alt fire modes. Other then that a pretty bog standard AR.

China Lake

info: American supplied 40mm launcher is a pump action and highly useful against weak robots in mass. other then that just adds two new ammo types for you to find the plans for.

Incendiary: lights the ground and robots on fire.
Dazzler flare: when fired into the air creates a strobe flare that gives of IR and normal light, distracts robots in a large area for 15 seconds. if fired directly at a robot does minor fire damage.


info: Why would the american’s send this to their NATO allies, sure it has 4 shots but the only ammo they gave us is incendiary. is a 4 shot semi auto rocket launcher with a long reload, HE rounds must be unlocked through a quest.


Info: placed like the command radio, instead of acting like a fast travel calls in 2 NATO troops and2 drones (if not at that stage of the DLC only the troops) to help you.

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I dont think we need more of NATO or the Soviets in the game, If we need NPC:s or more weapons and all of that then it should be the Swedish armed forces since this is Swedish land and Sweden is much closer to Östertörn than NATO


Like it whould be nice to see that on one of the western islands the army have set up a force to liberate östertörn. And i dont understand how in the games story how we dont hear anything from Sweden but we have a lot of contact with NATO and Russia, like Sweden is just kilometers away! there should be atleast something.


Why would the message play in Polish?

It would be nice if the Resistance actually frickin helped us tho
They just sit back and let an 18 y/o (presumably) get shot to death, poke themselves with adrenaline sticks and keep getting shot while using medkits


And call in the Armed forces so they can help us instead of a teenager doing it all.

Yeah Poland wasnt in NATO at the time and if the message was for us then it should be in Swedish


Could easily swap the terms to the Swedish military with some nato allies and weapons. Just to keep things fresh.

Because I am an idiot and typed that instead of Swedish… fixed that in the main post

But i doesnt make much sense, Swedish equipment whould be better

I don’t think we should have allies helping us in fights. The game is already full of lag and adding allies equals more stuff moving and in the end more lag.

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I agree in parts.
“Another faction”, even if it’s ours, on the battlefields would be too much.

But there should indeed be some more living signs of resistance. At the beginning we just see some destroyed robots, dead soldiers and burning military equipment.
Later, when we know that there is a resistance (and speaking for the dlc: even see some NPC of the resistance), there should be more info or signs of their activities. (not just some letters…)

There could be assignments (as small missions) where we are called to help some NPC to defend a wave of incoming machines or to recover materials, weapons or intel.
They (the NPC) just appear if we start the assignment and get close to the mission location.

I can’t be that there is a resistance which does nothing and that we are the only people who fight the machines, build a base or defend them. Why would they call themselves resistance if they don’t do anything for that… Except Kalle.

Still it would be nice if the resistance actually helped us instead of watching us get blown up and yeeted in the most comical ways


Yes, that’s another good point.
I once suggested a change for how the dlc weapons could be integrated.

Maybe you want to take a look:

Feature request (optimizing the weapon packs)

This could also be used to show the activities of the resistance.

Yes npc combatants to help fight robots would be so useful

That is a very bad idea, the game already has performance issues in all platforms.
With A.I npc buddies it will be worst.
Besides we dont really need any help, the games keeps getting easier, more ammo and new weapons and even new traps and turrets.


I agree.

We need no help. We are the help. We and our up to three companions. Play it as a team and YOU (well, not you @Mr_A1992, I mean the ones who asked for it) will be the army you are asking for.

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Not all people can play multiplayer.

Me too.
Just sometimes with one or two friends.
But the game is easy enough as it is.
Keep moving, keep progressing and you’ll become a one man army.

There is nothing you can’t handle with.
At least use some distraction.

This is a good idea with much promise. But really the NPC aspect is good. As far as NPC presence is concerned this could tie into the base defense and control points. Do some sort of points aspects with soldiers and high enough they can auto repel take over attempts. And NPCs alone can take out level 1 control points. You direct them from a monitor at the command center of any bunker.

The manufacturing aspect would require materials so they would have to add a random supply landing or supply drop wher eyou have to get supplies before fnix does.

This would also expand to more control points and landing locations as NATO re-asserts control. So we could see a total island points and a region points scenario.

Now such a busy scenario you would uber amounts of loot. So that would be countered with more loot boxes to store for manufacturing.

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